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Ozigbo says reports that Obi’s campaign matches Atiku are false. The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigerian and World News

• Atiku says Tinubu should resign
• If Obi fails, hold me accountable, says leader

Valentine Ogibo, special adviser on technology and strategic partnerships to Labor presidential candidate Peter Obi, said key officials from the Labor Presidential Election Council will meet in Abuja on Monday with the aim of working with the Labor presidential candidate. He denied reports that he had discussed the move. People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Atiku Abubakar in the upcoming presidential election.

In a statement issued yesterday, the former PDP Anambra gubernatorial candidate for 2021 described the story as untrue and urged to derail the enormous momentum of Nigerian and global obedients who are rooting for President Obi. It’s purpose.

Ozigbo said: “The allegations reported by the faceless online media are completely false and unfounded. The Labor Party supports the presidential candidate and his vision to get Nigeria out of its current predicament.” I promise.
“Given his strong leadership track record and clear plan to address the challenges facing our country, I firmly believe Obi is the frontrunner for president.
“He has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of the needs of the Nigerian people and has the experience and expertise necessary to implement effective policies that bring about real change.
“It is disappointing that some elements within the PDP spread false rumors and engage in unfair tactics rather than focus on a fair and open contest of ideas. , indicates a fear of fair competition and a lack of confidence in their candidates’ abilities.”

Ojigbo believes that those who have undermined Nigeria’s progress and the prosperity of its people may find it necessary to step down in order for Nigeria to fully emerge from its ugly past. Stated. Obi aside, for the best interests of Nigeria’s future.

Colonel, retired Secretary of War. Chinyere Obi has called on the Nigerian people to hold Peter Obi accountable if she fails to meet her seven-point agenda within a year of her election.

Colonel Obi, who served as the national coordinator of the Atiku House to House Support Group in 2019, said her decision to declare her support for the Labor presidential candidate was based on his precedent and credibility in leadership.

Speaking yesterday to Owerri reporters, the retired secretary of war said Obi remains a credible candidate among presidential candidates and that if elected he could help the country out of its current predicament. Stated.

According to her, Nigerians, especially young people, should stand up and fight injustice, insecurity, economic stagnation and other challenges in the country by not electing vicious and incompetent leaders in the upcoming general elections.

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