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Over 140 people arrested in UK and Dutch phone spoofing caught.His two suspects in Almere

Police in the Netherlands and the UK have taken down iSpoof, an international spoofing service, and used it to carry out helpdesk scams offline and arrest 142 suspects. In Almere he had two suspects arrested and the rest in the UK. police said Thursday.

For example, criminals used iSpoof to disguise phone numbers as those of banks and government agencies. They called victims posing as these services and persuaded them to provide personal information or transfer money. “The economic loss per victim can be enormous,” police said. “Some victims have seen pots of savings and pensions disappear within hours.”

In an ongoing investigation into bank help desk fraud, the Midden-Nederland Cybercrime team came across iSpoof hosted on Almere’s servers. An investigation revealed that the operator of the service lives in London and that the Metropolitan Police are already investigating him. The police therefore linked their investigations.

By tapping into Almere’s servers, police discovered that the iSpoof caller makes about one million calls per month worldwide. “There are probably thousands of calls per month in the Netherlands,” police said.

London police arrested iSpoof’s owner on November 6, authorities took the service offline, and the FBI seized the domain name. Almere’s taps helped identify some of the iSpoof users. Police have arrested a total of 142 suspects, including his two men, his 19-year-old and her 22-year-old, from Almere.

Dutch police have warned Dutch residents that bank employees will never ask for PIN numbers or personal information over the phone. Bank employees also don’t go to people’s homes to discuss banking details or pick up cards, for example. “Banks don’t use vault accounts, they never ask for money transfers, and they never ask anyone to download software that they can use to watch on a computer or tablet.”

If someone tries to convince you to do any of these things, hang up and call the police.

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