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Orange fans clash with Qatar police over OneLove bracelets and fake boobs

“Tieteman” Harry Goudsblom clashed with police in Holland v Qatar.Senegal World Cup match on Monday one love bracelet and his trademark big fake boobs. Police tried to remove his bracelet and told him to remove his chest, he said. advertisement.

Goudsblom is one of 50 Orange supporters on his trip to the World Cup. Sponsored by Qatar In exchange for positive social media posts, Report a negative post they encounter. He was one of those supporters. Jumped off the talk show Jinek When they didn’t like the criticism of their decision to work with Qatar.

‘Tietemann’, which means ‘breast man’, attended Orange’s first match at Al Thumama Stadium on Monday wearing fake breasts and a OneLove bracelet. Initially he had no problems. “Not a cop or a security guard. Everyone wanted to take a selfie with me. Everything went great.”

However, I noticed a security guard talking to the officer and pointing at him during the match. “But that officer made a ‘let it go’ gesture. Still, I later saw two of his officers with iPads go to another fan wearing a OneLove band.” After that, I was able to quickly hide the band under my sleeve.”

After the game, Guzblom continued to party in the outdoor area. “Then suddenly an overzealous cop came along and it started to get difficult. I had to take off the OneLove captain’s bracelet and hand it over. I didn’t want the latter. After that, I was 20. I had to leave the stadium grounds with a policeman, and I had to take off my boobs on the way.”

Goudsblom said he informed the Dutch football association KNVB of what had happened. “Because I want to know where I stand. Can I be myself again in the next game on Friday?”

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