Optus, Australia’s second largest telecommunications company, says a data breach exposed customer data.

Australian telecommunications giant Optus said current and former customer data was accessed following a cyberattack on its systems.

Optus said thursday press release Theft of an unspecified number of customer names, dates of birth, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, postal addresses, and identification numbers such as driver’s license and passport numbers.

The telecom company has not disclosed when the breach occurred, but believes the case is closed.

Optus, a subsidiary of Singapore-owned Singtel, is Australia’s second largest telecommunications company with approximately 10 million customers.

The Australian signal agency, the country’s equivalent of the US National Security Agency, was notified of the incident.

Telecom, phone and cell giants are frequently targeted in any country’s critical infrastructure. State-sponsored hackers break into phone companies for phone records as a criminal hacker for spying on critics and performing espionage, SIM swapper etc.often relying on compromised data and insider access carry out social engineering attacks Convince customer support or employees to hand over access to the system.

Optus is the latest major telecommunications company to be attacked by hackers in recent years. In 2015, Australian telecommunications company Telstra announced that the internal network of its undersea cable company Pacnet been in danger for weekshackers have access to email and other internal business systems.

In the US, T-Mobile 7th network breach Earlier this year, after hackers from the cybercriminal group Lapsus$ stole the telecom company’s source code. Last year, his second-largest mobile carrier in the US said: At least 47 million customers had personal information Stolen from hackers.

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