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Online sperm donor has fathered at least 80 children in Holland

Online sperm donors have fathered at least 80 children in the Netherlands. tenter Reported after speaking with two women who conceived children with his sperm. Leon recently died of cancer. Suzanne and Nina find all the women who have used Leon’s sperm, share their experiences, and share their own stories so the children can get to know their half-siblings.

The extent of Leon’s donation was revealed on his deathbed when he gave his brother a list of the women he helped inseminate. We also have a Facebook group with 80 members. All women have children conceived by men using various aliases.

“In hindsight, I ignored a lot of the red flags. I wanted a child more than anything else, and he was able to make it happen. “I had a history of mental illness and didn’t want the clinic to judge me. So I started looking for a sperm donor online.” We communicated by phone and spoke by email over the course of two months and he seemed very involved and always responded quickly and very comprehensively.”

He has two daughters and said he had five children through sperm donation. Suzanne will be his sixth and last. “I couldn’t check, so I realized he could lie about this. I asked him for proof that he was free of STDs and for an ID card. His name is different, but his initials are We agreed, and I understand he doesn’t want to use his real name on the internet.”

Suzanne also found it odd that she only sent pictures of herself and her daughters as babies. He only sent her a photo of himself grown up five minutes before arriving at her house. “I remember thinking, ‘Oh, what am I going to do,’ but I trusted him anyway.” He eventually had two children with Suzanne. I made a profit.

Nina, who has a son with Leon, found out about him through a prospective parents website after a lesbian couple she knew got pregnant with his help. I called and the contact was good, he said he donated to 4 other women in Zwolle, I would be the 5th, he said it would be a problem if there were a few more women. think.”

They agreed that Leon would visit her when she ovulated so that Nina could inseminate herself. He was supposed to come in the evening, but it turned out to be midnight.When I asked him if he could see his face a little better, he refused to take off his mask.He used his sick grandmother as an excuse. ”

Nina and Suzanne found each other online. They also found a Facebook group for women with children fathered by Leon. A photo of him in the futsal uniform he sent to all the women is circulating online. The group currently has her 80 members with children aged 0 to her 14, but Suzanne says the actual number of children could well exceed her 100. .

Leon died of esophageal cancer earlier this year. Suzanne keeps in touch with his brother by phone after Leon gives him a list of women who have donated sperm. His family knew nothing about it, she said.

“If there are women who have lost contact with him or think they can introduce him to their children, I want them to know what happened. I can answer your question,” Suzanne said. ”

Women who have similar stories to Suzanne and Nina can contact Suzanne by email.

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