One of the best Star Wars games in years now available for free on Epic

In case you missed it in the late 2020 release, squadron is very good (and very hard) Spiritual successor of a loved one X-wing When TIE fighter 90’s space combat game.But while its single-player campaign is fun enough, the actual Multiplayer is the essence of the experienceIncludes both team-based and solo game modes.

So it’s a shame the game hasn’t maintained its popularity long enough after its release that it’s not always possible to get into a full multiplayer game. reddit thread Lament the long wait to find the game, SteamDB report The average number of online players is less than a few hundred on any given week (although the game is also available on other storefronts like Origin, so it’s unlikely to give you the full picture. Unique free gifts from last year).

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