NyQuil chicken isn’t really trending on TikTok

It’s time to learn the difference between a viral trend and a single person posting a meme that goes viral.

Let’s count the lucky stars for humanity. NyQuil chicken is not a real threat to public health.But this week, the FDA warning For what the agency has identified as a TikTok challenge, it encourages users to cook raw chicken in a pool of NyQuil, a sleep-inducing cold medicine.

“Boiling the medicine makes it more concentrated and changes its properties in other ways. ,” the FDA wrote. “Simply put, someone could be unknowingly taking a dangerously large amount of cough or cold medicine.”

But if you search for phrases like “sleepy chicken recipe” on TikTok, almost every video is a duet or Stitch-style rant. Users share a clip of the same video cooking chicken on NyQuil, then add a clip of themselves reacting to how ridiculous it is.

This is a recycled cursed meme, not a TikTok challenge. Dating back to 4chan in 2017 Almost certainly posted by trolls. Since then, the idea of ​​”Sleepy Chicken” has resurfaced regularly on his YouTube and other sites. early this yeardoctors warned teens not to make their own NyQuil-infused meals.

Such viral YouTube videos have now been removed, and TikTok redirects to resource pages when attempting to search for specific terms related to NyQuil chicken. But getting around these filters is too easy. Try searching for NyQuil.

Image credit: Screenshots from TikTok and TechCrunch

To be clear: cooking with NyQuil is a very bad idea. However, there is no real evidence to support that children do this.

This isn’t the first time some gruesome TikToks have been unfairly blown up.slap teacher” appeared go viral Supposedly encouraged the student to… slap the teacher.It sounds terrible, but many were i doubt it or this trend actually existA few months later, the Washington Post reported that Facebook, as it grew more concerned about TikTok’s growing dominance, asked Republican consulting firm Targeted Victory to discredit TikTokAs part of this initiative, Targeted Victory appears to have created a trend of “slapping the teacher” in an effort to create unease about the impact TikTok is having on teens.

This does not mean that trends on TikTok (whether real or fake) are immune. One of her 10-year-olds died from holding his breath.blackout challenge

Social platforms need to take precautions to nip harmful viral trends in the bud before they go too far, but this is not a problem unique to TikTok. Rather, it is a matter of media literacy. We’re smart enough to know (hopefully) that eating NyQuil chicken is a bad idea – and health warnings aside, it’s probably going to taste awful! But we also need to know how to determine if the widespread panic about a viral trend is actually justified.

In fact, FDA warnings don’t stop people from eating NyQuil chicken. Instead, government agencies have just turned fringe 4chan memes into a mainstream health issue.

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