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Note: 2 weeks left for 2021 coverage

published to December 1, 2020

You have two weeks to enroll in Marketplace health insurance for 2021. If you registered for 2020, December 15th To change or renew your 2021 plan, you may be automatically enrolled in 2021, but you may miss out on new options.

How to update and compare for 2021

  • Even if you want to keep the same plan in 2021, Login to update your application Given your expected income and household changes, there may be new plans that are better suited to your situation.
  • Updating your information also confirms that your 2021 financial aid is correct. If you don’t, you could end up with more monthly premium payments or an unpaid amount when you file your federal income tax.
  • As information is updated, compare your current plan with other options available in 2021. These steps will help ensure that your household will have adequate coverage in the coming year.

Click here for details 2021 Scope Changes and Updates.

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