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Non-alcoholic and craft beers push brewery sales to pre-corona levels

A percentage of the beer sold by Dutch brewers is non-alcoholic. Low-alcohol craft beers are also gaining popularity, according to Dutch brewers’ associations. Brewers sold about the same amount of beer last year as they did in 2019, before the coronavirus pandemic imposed severe restrictions on the hospitality industry.

According to Nederlandse Brouwers, Dutch residents will drink more than 12.2 million hectoliters of beer in 2022. Although this is 0.5% lower than he was in 2019, sales in the catering industry have been above pre-corona levels for some time. Non-alcoholic beer had a 6.7% share last year, compared to his 5.7% in 2019.

Brewers sold more than four times as many low-alcohol craft beers with 0.5-3.5% ABV last year than they did in 2021.

Despite recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, Nederlandse Brouwers Chairman Fred Teeven warns of over-optimism. Due to the war in Ukraine, raw materials such as energy and grain have become quite expensive for brewers.

“I speak to many brewers. Brewers, especially those whose main sales channel is the hospitality industry, have struggled during the Covid pandemic. We’ve given way to a market crisis, resulting in significantly higher costs,” explains Teeven. The former secretary of state has also complained about a new system underway for calculating excise taxes, which he said would result in higher taxation and beer prices.

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