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No coverage for 2015?Health insurance penalties may be waived

published to February 12, 2016

most people don’t have Eligible Health Insurance In 2015 it must be one of pay the fee Or get a “health insurance exemption”.

Waivers are available based on a variety of circumstances, including certain hardships, some life events, health insurance or financial status, and membership in some groups. If you qualify and receive an exemption, you do not have to pay any fees.

If your coverage did not cover some or all months of 2015, please use the button below to use the waiver tool to find the appropriate health insurance waiver. Just answer a few questions and you’ll see:

Use exemption tool

important: This tool provides a lot of useful information, but it is not a waiver application. You can only view if any of the health care exemptions apply to you and how to apply.

Click here for details How to apply for exemption.

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