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No Arrests Yet For Violence Against Kick Out Zwarte Piet Protesters

Police have not yet arrested anyone for the threats. Violence committed against demonstrators From the anti-racism activist group Kick Out Zwarte Piet (KOZP). The incident occurred prior to the Sinterklaas arrival party in Staforst last Saturday. Police said on Monday that the criminal investigation was progressing rapidly.

Police said they regretted the course of the incident. is also investigating their own decisions and inactivity during the day. “I deeply regret that despite my preparation, I was unable to prevent serious threats and disruptions. The right to demonstrate is a fundamental right.

On Saturday, there was a standoff between KOZP and blackfaced people who tried to prevent activists from traveling to Staphorst. they arranged in advance‗The rioters used a lot of violence during the riot at the A28 exit. To prevent it is a criminal act,” the police said.

Amnesty International, which attended the event as an observer, filed a criminal report of intimidation and vandalism at the Sinterklaas arrival party. Human rights groups called for a thorough evaluation of the actions of the government and authorities in Staforst.

KOZP said it was “angered and disappointed” by the attitude of the Staphorst municipality. People who were attacked by a mob also reported it, and KOZP itself was considering reporting to the police. The organization has agreed to Amnesty International’s appeal for an independent investigation into municipal and police actions.

“When demonstrations become impossible, the mayor must stand up for the rights of the demonstrators. We are waiting for the day when the mayor will cancel the demonstration if safety cannot be guaranteed. [Sinterklaas arrival] It’s an event, not a demonstration,” KOZP leader Jerry Afriyie said in a statement.

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