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Nike Movie Won’t Show Michael Jordan Actor, Confirms Ben Affleck

air With Michael Jordan never seen directly on screen, star Ben Affleck is revealed. Follows Matt Damon as Sonny Vaccaro, a Nike salesman in pursuit of a basketball legend for . Affleck will star opposite Damon as Nike co-founder Phil Knight.

this week, hollywood reporter sat down for Affleck’s profile before release of airWhile talking about the film, he clarified that no one portrayed Jordan onscreen.existing on and around the storyRather than being a character directly on screen. Read his full quote below.

Jordan is too big. He exists in and around the story, but if you embody him and say, “Yes, that’s Michael Jordan,” we know it’s not. is. I thought it would work if we brought all of what the audience thought and remembered about him and what he meant to them into the film and projected it onto the film.

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Why you shouldn’t see Michael Jordan on the Air

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck in the movie air

Considering the fact that the majority of the movie is about Jordan, it makes sense for him to appear air with some capacity. The star said that if she had experience in movies like the 1996 classic, she could have even acted herself. space jamHowever, there are quite a few very solid reasons for the man himself to remain an off-screen presence.

First and foremost, his presence The tale of air A seemingly unattainable goal, a sort of Everest that Damon’s character must climb. Keeping Jordan off screen helps highlight how fantastical his idea of ​​trying to bring it to life looks. His status as a legendary figure in the world of sports and pop culture in general.

Have another actor come in to play a younger version of Jordan air The only other option would be to use anti-aging technology and have Jordan play himself, which is likely due to the film’s budget. It would make sense for the filmmakers to leave Jordan’s portrayal to documentaries like last dance rather than try it yourself.

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