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Night train between Amsterdam and Prague to start next spring

Despite months of delays, night trains from Amsterdam to Prague are scheduled to run in spring 2023. But there are some hurdles to overcome before getting off to a big start.

Dutch-Belgian startup European Sleeper Long-awaited night train Already in April of this year, I have problems with the carriage And the final decision on the train timetable.

European Sleeper still grapples with the same problem as before. According to founder Chris Engelsman, one of them is his big quest for horse-drawn carriages.

In an interview with Treinreiziger, Engelsmann explained that it is currently very difficult to obtain the necessary rail cars, and that plans to obtain the cars from Russia could not materialize due to the war in Ukraine. . In addition, there are also spare parts issues, Engelsman said, because the rental company has a relatively large number of vehicles parked.

Nevertheless, Engelsmann is optimistic about the search for new train cars. “We are working hard and making progress, but there is no white smoke yet,” he said.

Timetables are another obstacle for European sleepers. This is due to the fact that work will be carried out regularly on the line between Berlin and Prague in the coming years. This limits the network capacity of night trains.

Engelsman also indicated that energy bills are another challenge. “Energy rates have doubled since we started. It affects our business case. ,” Engelsman told his Treinreiziger.

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