Nicky Hilton supports Kathy, Paris inside ‘RHOBH’ Tequila Hall

Hilton sticks.

‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star Kathy Hilton’s youngest daughter, Nicky Hilton, threw shade at her mother’s co-star The incident called “Tequilagate”.

Nicki’s aunt, Kyle Richards, was one of the reality stars who mocked Kathy for promoting the tequila brand, Casa del Sol, on a recent episode of the Bravo show.

Nicky, 38, said at the God’s Love We Deliver ice cream social in New York City on Tuesday, “I think all women go on and promote their products.

“I don’t see why we should make an exception for her.”

Kathy, 63, first gathered the women after a group dinner and encouraged them to “bottom up” the tequila they had invested with Nicky and James Rothschild.

“I want you guys to try it,” Kathy said, then her sister Kyle, 53, interrupted her with a buzz and continued her conversation with Lisa Rinna and Erica Jayne.

Kathy Hilton's daughter, Nicky Hilton, threw shade at her mother's co-star over an incident called
Nicky Hilton threw shade at Kathy Hilton’s “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” co-star in an incident called “Tequilagate.”
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when fuel is added to the fire Rinna, 59, asked for a shot of her “friend” Kendall Jenner’s tequila. 818, in front of Kathy, informed her that the bar had Casa del Sol.

“Can I have a little of that 818 tequila? I’d love to see what it tastes like,” Rinna said during the cast’s recent trip to Aspen.

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton also stood up for her mother over the incident.
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“I want to try it because it’s my friend Kendall Jenner’s tequila. I just haven’t tried it,” she added.

The former soap star later said in a confession, “Of course they have Kathy’s tequila. Kathy confirmed that the tequila was there and good for her.”

The socialite then accused her co-star of “disgusting” behavior and told the group she was leaving.

Nicky Hilton
Nicki said her mother wasn’t the only “RHOBH” star promoting her products on the show.

“[Rinna says that] Kyle doesn’t do terrible things in front of me here now,” she continued, referring to her half-sister.

“Look, she doesn’t say anything, and I’m pissed.”

Cassie’s eldest daughter, Paris Hilton, 41, also weighed in when she took to Twitter to label her My aunt’s behavior is “very unkind”.

Others were quick to point out that Rinna had an exclusive tasting of her brand, Rinna Wines, at RHOBH. Additionally, her husband, Mauricio Umanski, frequently features his real estate agency on reality shows.

Nicki, the newly appointed director of God’s Love We Deliver, a food and nutrition services charity, said she hasn’t been informed of her mother’s future reality show plans.

“I don’t know” mother of 3 When asked if Cassie would return for another season of ‘RHOBH’,

“We never really talked about it.”

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