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Newly discovered film shows destruction of Rotterdam Blitzkrieg from World War II

Barendrecht Film Digitizer Bas Romeijn discovered unpublished footage of Rotterdam shortly after the Blitzkrieg of May 14, 1940. rain mass report.

“The debris is still smoking. “What impressed me most about this video is on the one hand the atmosphere of disaster he tourism and on the other hand the bewildered people walking around. I see people walking around in shock. .”

Romeijn discovered the footage at the estate of amateur filmmaker Joop Stolk (1918-1995). He works with his Stolk son. Romeijn does not believe that Stolk himself recorded the footage. “It was shot in 8mm and all the work I know from Joop Stolk is in 16mm,” he explained. However, he believes that Stolk did the editing. Lomaien left it alone. “I left the sequence, the title card, everything. I just shortened the title card a bit.”

Romeijn uploaded the footage to his website Bas Romeijn Films. He donates his original 8mm film to Rotterdam City Archives.

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