New Yorkers who care about the city and state should drop all four proposals in this November ballot.

City voters may not be aware, Ghost of Mayor Bill de Blasio This November will haunt their votes in the form of three stunningly odious bills to boost and redistribute government spending and divide cities along race lines. His fourth proposal for state voters would greenlight $4.2 billion in even more reckless Albany borrowing, taxation and spending.

New Yorkers who care about the city and state should vote against all four.

three people city ​​proposal De Blasio’s move is meant to poke his race-obsessed redistribution agenda.in his last yearhe established the Charter Revision Commission Its full name, the Commission on Racial Justice, says it all. its mission: To propose “structural changes” to the city charter to “promote racial justice and fairness and begin to dismantle racism” in New York City.

The first added a preamble to the charter — the city’s constitution — stating a “vision” for Gotham’s “just and equitable city,” telling City Hall to rectify “past and present damages,” and giving the city’s “foundation.” , structures and institutions to be “reconstructed.” , laws that promote justice and fairness. “

Strives to ensure that all New Yorkers “have the opportunity to thrive” with “accessible infrastructure and services,” “the resources they need to thrive economically,” and “affordable housing.” I’m here.”

This is a license for radicals to sue (and likely win) to impose measures such as: Abolishing Merit Enrollment The city’s top schools make landlords tighter or even more sock-stuffed payment of compensation To a supported group—the public is damned.

The new preamble also accuses them of committing “serious injustices” such as “low wages” for migrant workers, “mass incarceration” (i.e. sending criminals to prison) and “systemic injustice”. , note that the Charter condemns the citizens it was intended to govern. That continues today.

The second ballot measure was to “Establish a Racial Equality Office, Plan, and Commission,” essentially to carry out the race-based redistribution goals of the preamble.rely on it gain Racism costs billions.

Similarly, the third proposal calls on the city to calculate its supposed “true cost of living”, ignoring subsidies such as housing, health care, food, and transportation.Goal: Let city halls calculate poverty so more people qualify for poverty moreover Taxpayer-funded handouts.

Never mind that such bureaucratic measures are not charterable. The city already leads most of the nation in directing funds to the “needy” Force the most productive residents to saddle with very high taxes.

Finally, a statewide “environmental bond law” Proposal to Albany It will borrow and spend a whopping $4.2 billion on green agenda items, including $1.5 billion for “climate change mitigation,” and use taxpayer money to pay off the debt. Again, state and local spending in New York already surpasses that of nearly every other state. If Albany needs money to appease the green, spend less elsewhere. New York taxpayers have enough pressure.

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