New York City mother recalls horror of attack by sex predator who received ‘sweet’ petition: ‘I can’t sleep’

women of the bronx Almost raped by an accused sex offender A week after her ordeal, she said she was still horrified, after securing her lover’s plea deal with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

The 49-year-old victim, who spoke to The Washington Post on condition of anonymity, said he couldn’t be alone in his apartment because the creep started last week and he tried to sexually assault her.

“I can’t sleep,” she said in an emotional interview on Thursday, crying at times as she remembered nightmarish events. Become.”

A mother of two was home alone in the Bronx on Sept. 15. Prosecutors allege Justin Washington, 25, broke in through her window and tried to rape her.

A 49-year-old Bronx woman was allegedly sexually assaulted by Justin Washington in her apartment.
Bridget Stolzer

“He acted crazy, like someone who was mentally unstable,” the victim recalled. “He grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed me onto his bed.”

She was the second of five people Washington allegedly terrorized that day for a sex crime that occurred a week before he was sentenced in a Manhattan rape case.

Washington, who was released on bail just weeks after being accused of raping a teenage relative in late February, said prosecutors would serve 30 days in prison and an additional five years of probation in exchange for him pleading guilty. He had secured a deal to encourage him to undergo extortion.

“If he hadn’t gotten out of prison during this time, none of this would have happened,” the mother he later allegedly attacked told The Post. We should change the system. It’s wrong.”

On the day of the incident, while doing housework, the woman noticed that her pet parrot Coco was “crazy” and heard footsteps, so she left the bedroom and went out into the hallway.

The woman noticed Washington’s shadow in her room and began attacking her.

“Then I saw a shadow,” she said — describing the terrifying moment when she realized she wasn’t alone. [and] saw the man ”

The two stared at each other, and she said, “I got chills from head to toe.”

“I turned to him and said, ‘What are you doing here? You shouldn’t be here,'” the woman recalled.

Washington allegedly forced her into a bedroom, took off her pants and began masturbating.

She grabbed her cell phone to call the police, but he allegedly knocked it out of her hand and demanded she get on the bed.

Bronx Victim Justin Washington
She was the second of five people allegedly terrorized for sex crimes that day.
Bridget Stolzer

The woman furiously tried to fight him off – even grabbing a hammer from the windowsill – but Sicko still overpowered her.

She tearfully recounted how he forced her legs open while he pulled down his pants and sniffed at her.

Then he abruptly pulled back and started asking for a dollar or two, the victim said. She seized her chance and quickly snatched the hammer from the ground.

“I got off and grabbed the hammer. I was mad,” said the woman. “I yelled, ‘Get out, get out!’ did not take seriously.”

Washington began approaching her again.

The victim tried to call police, but Washington knocked the phone out of her hands.
Bridget Stolzer

“He touched himself and saw blood,” she said, adding that the injuries were enough to scare the creeps.

“He went back the way he came,” she said. “I was chasing him with a hammer.”

Shortly after the attack, the woman said she fled outside and started knocking on neighbors’ doors.

she felt sick.

“I was shocked. I wanted to throw up,” he recalls. “I was crying.”

Her 17-year-old daughter said she was “extremely proud” of her mother fighting off a pervert.

“She’s a very strong person,” the teen told The Post. “I know she will do everything in her power to protect herself.”

The Bronx mom was able to scare the perverts, but she has a terrifying memory of that dreadful day.

Washington allegedly approached another occupant in the building 30 minutes before breaking into the 49-year-old woman’s apartment.

In that incident, he crept up the fire escape and banged on the apartment window of a 26-year-old woman who was home with her nine-month-old son at the time, according to prosecutors and sources.

Prosecutors say the woman opened the curtains and saw Washington masturbating on the fire escape.

He is also accused of sexually assaulting an 18-year-old man, breaking in through his window, stealing women’s underwear, and sexually abusing a homeless woman who was sleeping in the building’s lobby. .

The disturbing rampage came about a month after Washington secured a plea deal from Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg in a rape case.

Justin Washington
Washington is said to have called out another resident in the building on the same day.

Washington was initially charged with first-degree rape, first-degree sexual abuse, and in that case forced touching. He was jailed in February on $23 cash bail or $50,000 bail — despite prosecutors asking judges to set his bail at his $100,000.

About three weeks later, prosecutors downgraded Washington’s charges to third-degree rape after determining there was not enough evidence.

He was released on Rikers Island last week after a Bronx judge set bail at $50,000 cash bail or $150,000 bond on charges including attempted rape, robbery, forced touching, and sexually-motivated felonies. sent back to 15 spree.

Washington was due to be sentenced on Wednesday in the Manhattan case, but prosecutors sought an extension over allegations in the Bronx, and the hearing was postponed until Sept. 30. 28.

Prosecutors said they believed Washington broke the terms of his plea bargain. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is currently reviewing the proposed ruling as part of the deal.

Justin Washington
Washington is in Manhattan criminal court for hearings on charges related to sexual assault and robbery.
Daniel William McKnight

A spokesperson for Bragg said the deal was proposed to prevent the young victim from having to testify while “holding Washington accountable for his actions.”

“As the investigation into this week’s highly disturbing allegations in the Bronx continues, we will decide whether to seek a longer prison sentence,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

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