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New proposal severely limits testing in monkeys

The lower house of the Dutch parliament, Tweede Kamer, has unanimously called on the Cabinet to minimize the number of animal experiments on monkeys. All 20 political parties in Congress signed Frank his Wassenberg motion of the Animal Party PvdD, calling for research into ways to further reduce the number of tests. In 2016, the Chamber of Commerce unanimously passed a similar motion.

The complaint is mainly directed against the BPRC monkey testing center in Lyswijk, Europe’s largest. The center hopes to reduce the number of tests involving monkeys to 150 by 2025. In 2019, the Cabinet presented plans on how to do this.

Science Minister Robert Dyckgraf endorsed the motion during debates on the education budget and is confident that the goal of reducing testing by 2025 will be achieved. He also plans to maintain BPRC commitments.

Wassenberg is unsure of this, as there has been no clear downward trend in testing over the past decade. The company said he conducted 212 tests in 2020, which is dozens more than he did a year ago. It was for a trial to study the coronavirus.

Reducing the number of tests in monkeys should not affect “absolutely necessary” research into “life-threatening diseases,” according to the motion.

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