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New EU quota for women in top positions more ambitious than Netherlands

European parliament is new Women’s top quota on a more ambitious tuesday Existing quotas for the Netherlands.

From 2026, 40% of the supervisory boards of large European companies should be made up of women. Failing that, both the Supervisory Board and the Executive Committee should be made up of at least one-third of her women. If companies do not comply with quotas, they will be fined or blocked from appointing men.

A Dutch quota, which came into effect earlier this year, stipulates that one-third of supervisory boards in large companies must be made up of women. The intention is to ensure more women on boards through their role in appointing members of the board for women on the supervisory board.

according to, this year, 38% of all supervisory directors of Dutch-listed companies are women, up from 33% last year. However, many companies have yet to meet their quotas.

Lara Wolters, PvdA member of the European Parliament, is happy that the quota has finally come true. She said that countries like the Netherlands and Belgium, where quotas are already in place, show that quotas are working. On the other hand, countries like Poland and Luxembourg, which do not have quotas, have made little progress in bringing women to senior management positions in recent years.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is also happy. “There are enough women who are eligible for prestigious jobs, and this law will allow them to fill those positions,” she said.

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