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Athens changes. It’s gone now. Only with different speeds and lots of spin can the poor conditions of the urban poor be mentally devastating, as is the lack of respect in private and public spaces. accept to proceed to

The planned project at the National Archaeological Museum of Ακαδημία Πλάτωνος with the renovation of the new Αρχαιολογική Μουσείο Αθηνηνος, Βοτανικό and στη λεωφορο Αλεξάνδρας will create urban connectivity. Looking at the map, we see a line from the intersection of Κηφισίας and Αλεξάνδρας to the square of Αιγύπτου. From there, the new National Archaeological Museum can be reached by car through the Ηπείρου and Ιουλιανού streets to the Λαρίσης station. Κατο από τις της Απλομήσεις ο Κολωνός, η Ακαδημία Πλάτωνος, ο Βοτανικός.

A hole in the city’s body that, if studied, can bring the past back to life, save the town, attract new residents, and boost the economy. Ηδη is produced by υπεραξία. This will be your biggest investment in Athens.

Πρόϋποσετή τη και και να να Σιδηροδρομικό Σταμθού Αθηνηνών. Η διαχρονική ντροπε του Σταμμού Λαρίσης (που ολος οναπλάθεται και εἰτονική όνειδος) はゆっくりまたは速く終了します。 Ο παρακείμενος Σαθμός Πελοποννήσου are symbols that can be integrated into new stations. It becomes a bridge of Athenian sympathy, leading to a parimutated sympathy below the line.

The main problem in Athens is the situation around Bethesda Square. Εως την παράτης Καραϊσκάκη, τον Αγιο Παύλο, τον Σταμμό Λαρίσης. We deeply apologize for not being able to handle a very difficult situation. This new station, combined with the project of the National Archaeological Museum, is a new museum of Ακαδημίας Πλάτωνος in Βοτανικό, which allows to generate new conditions on a very large island. Over the years, all these areas have been completely preserved, but it is a beautiful island with the beauty and beauty of the old areas.

This is a huge opportunity that should be harnessed for the long term and for the benefit of the city as a whole.

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