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Netherlands to create 38,000 additional asylum shelters this year

The Netherlands will have to create 38,000 reception sites for asylum seekers this year as existing shelter contracts expire and an expected increase in asylum seekers from the spring. news hour report.

According to the Central Agency for the Acceptance of Asylum Seekers (COA), the Netherlands will need 75,500 reception places this year. It is now just under 50,000. But according to figures Nieuwsuur has seen, about 35 locations nationwide will be closed between now and June 1.

Sander Sharp of the refugee organization Fruchtelingenwerk Nederland is very concerned about this. “I think it’s everyone’s responsibility to avoid what we saw at Tel Apel last year,” he told the show. “If you look at the numbers, you’ll see it’s going to be really stressful in the coming weeks and months. But getting people to sleep outside is not an option, especially in this temperature.”

Secretary of State Eric van der Berg (Asylum and Immigration) told the Newsall that he was “doing everything possible” to keep people from sleeping outside again. He confirmed that the COA would need tens of thousands of additional shelter spaces. “The mission is great. But we are better prepared now than we were last year.” Because he did not anticipate the influx of Ukrainian refugees. “We didn’t see that war coming.”

SP MP Jasper van Dijk told the Newsool.”That means the secretary of state is in big trouble. Last year, at the application center in Tell Apel, people slept on the floor.” I’ve seen miserable faces.” If nothing changes, Van Dijk fears it will happen again this summer. “People are sitting on the floor again, children are sitting in chairs again, and the situation is back to dire. The government is in big trouble.”

Van Dyke called the distribution law still struggling to get on track, saying “it’s now an embarrassing display because the coalition is so divided on asylum policy to the bone”.

Secretary of State Van der Burg said he believed local governments would not wait for the distribution law to come into force. However, the reason the law was enacted is that municipalities do not voluntarily increase the number of shelters.

According to VVD parliamentarian Ruben Brekelmans, the issue is not the number of reception spaces, but the number of asylum seekers fleeing to the Netherlands. “Many times we see problems arise because the inflow is so high. We really need to reduce the inflow now as there may be new shortages at reception.”

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