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Netherlands to continue cold next week

Cooler temperatures are expected in the Netherlands from the second half of next week after mild weather over the weekend, according to the meteorological institute KNMI. The high from Wednesday he could drop as low as 5 degrees.

Clouds will mix with the sun on Friday and Saturday, with showers expected in the east. The maximum rises to about 11 degrees on Friday and about 9 degrees on Saturday. It’s pretty calm for this time of year.

From Sunday onwards, the sun rarely appears. The week started with rain, with dry weather expected from Tuesday. Highs start mildly between 8 and 10 degrees from Sunday to Tuesday.

“There will be a gradual increase in the chances of cold weather later in the week,” KNMI said. Now, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon temperatures are expected to range from 5 to 9 degrees. After that, below-normal temperatures and dry weather are likely.

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