Netflix is ​​working on an ‘all-new AAA PC game’ based on job listings

Netflix is dozen job vacancies On the Netflix Games Studio Los Angeles office website, Mobilegamer.bizThese listings give us a few hints about the company’s plans for new studios.

last month On TechCrunch Disrupt, Netflix’s Vice President of Games Mike Verdu originally announced that his company would be opening a new studio in Southern California. Verdu also said that Chacko Sonny will head up the studio. Sonny is a former executive of Overwatch and he is a producer.

Sony Left Blizzard EntertainmentThe company behind Overwatch, the company was dealing with a California lawsuit over sexual harassment and discrimination and an investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

And now, Netflix wants to form a core team for its first project at Netflix Games Studio in Los Angeles.of game director In charge of AAA PC games. Netflix currently only offers games for smartphones and tablets, so this will be his first PC game for the company.

In the video game industry, AAA projects are major games with very large budgets and development teams. Game directors are responsible for developing “worlds/characters/narratives worthy of a Netflix movie/TV series”. Job listings may also include experience with Unreal Engine and first and/or third person shooter games.

Netflix is ​​also looking for art and technical directors, so it doesn’t seem like there are that many people working in the studio yet.

Netflix sees games as long-term projects. At TechCrunch Disrupt, Mike Verdu said Netflix is ​​still in the very early stages of its gaming initiative.

The company currently Offers 40 different gamesThere are spin-off games based on popular Netflix shows like Stranger Things, classic mobile games like runners and racing games, card games and original titles.

Netflix acquires three existing game studios — boss fight entertainment, night school studio (Oxenfree) and Finnish next game. Also, New studio in Helsinki, Finland Led by former Zynga GM.

Today, Netflix’s gaming business model is very simple. If you subscribe to Netflix, you can download and play all games in the Netflix game library. If you stop your Netflix subscription, you won’t be able to access those games.

These games have no in-app purchases, season passes, or add-on subscriptions. Of course, Netflix could change its gaming monetization strategy with a new AAA game. But it’s clear that Netflix is ​​in investment mode for now.

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