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Neither Τίποτα nor the public are free

Ан сто акуσμα ту орую «capital» If you think about inequality, poverty, financial crises and environmental destruction, read his book Ράινερ Τσίτελμαν «Προς υπεράσπιση του καπιταλισμός» (εκδ. Ευρασία, μτφρ. Βάιος Φ. Ντάφος) may be recovered from the title only. His content, likewise based on historical and research data, is a German historian, sociologist and writer (also an entrepreneur) who believes that the “entrepreneurial economy” is “the most successful economic system in history.” Not only is there, globally, islands primarily benefit the environment, cause no economic stress unless they accept government intervention, and do not lead to war as often as in the past.

Characteristically, Οσίτελμαν indicates that the proportion of the world’s population living in absolute poverty has declined dramatically over the past two centuries. The Germans write that capitalism is not to blame for inequality. Because the economy is not a competitive game in which the rich prosper at the expense of the poor: instead of preemption, wealth is created and profits come from entrepreneurial innovation. After reminding us of the carbon footprint in 2014, Zitelmann suggests considering in context the trends of renewable energy sources and “decommissioning” developed in capitalism. A simple smartphone contains about 35 devices and may be the first.

In schools, universities, and the media, we hear a lot about the age of capitalism, but not enough about the age of economics.

«Στο σχολία, στο πανεπιστήμιο και στα MEDIA», he said «Κ» ο Ράινερ Τσίτελμαν, «We hear a lot about the age of capitalism, but not enough from the hyperaspic business in my book Οπως δεν ακόμες σε απόσταση για τα δεινά του σοσιαλισμός. You’ve probably heard in school about the greatest social experiment in history, Μαο’s “Μεγάλο άλμα προς τα προνή”. Εχασαντηζωήτους 45εκατ.ប្រ្រ្រ្រ្រ្រ្ន Also, in his pre-capitalist 1820, 90% of the world’s population lived in absolute poverty, but today this percentage is below his 10%. I think you should listen to similar events».

Ο σε ο Οσίτελμαν reads τα βιβλία των άντικαπιταλιστόν as he says: «Οχι του του Μαρξ and his English, as well as Πικετί, τουΖίζεκ, etc». «Αμφιβάλλω εἰντον», the author continues, «ανοι αντικαπιταλιστές θα διαβαουντο δικόμου πιβλίο. Οταν το αναρτώ στα social media, o κόσμος γράφει “αυτά είναι μπούρδες”, did not read it. So I wrote primarily for those who, like me, cannot support capitalism emotionally, but who are open to the facts».

From 12 to 17 years old.

Τα ραινερ Τσίτελμαν economic ventures are at the heart of classical and neoclassical economic thought. German historians write that firms must be free to decide what and how much to produce according to the price-based decisions that shape the market, and that their success will be judged by consumers. Following this principle, countries that provided a “better market” for the “good market” of the economy (e.g. Vietnam, Poland, China) are now more likely than those that provided a “better κράτος”, such as η Βενεζουέλα. have enjoyed much prosperity. While all these constitute the basic functioning of capitalism, there is one important aspect. That is what Ράινερ Τσίτελμαν does not particularly mention. Symbolically, Μάικλ Σαντέλ, professor of political philosophy and Χάρβαρντ, summarized the law as follows:

«Τι θα ελληνικά Μεχρο;», απόκριτεν στη στην επισήμανση μας ο Τσίτελμαν. «Το να χαρίστες Πείδα ένας κυβερνητικός Αξιοματούχος που θα οποφάσιζε κοιν περγασία φτυάρι και κοινο νοι; これは、十分な φτυάρια がなかった計画経済には当てはまりませんでbottom. In a free economy, others would start producing them, as happened with the coronavirus pandemic in developed countries. This takes time. In a planned economy, the world had to stand in line to get something. Some people in the world stand on their own feet instead of them. Our answer is two in five years. “Everyone makes mistakes with this question,” he says. «From 12 to 17 years old. Στη Δυτικική Γερμανία, αν έχετης σε νέρας χρήματης, αγόραζες έντα είναι και έφευγες».

health and education

But not cars, but health and education. Why should access to such things depend on someone’s money? Why medical research depends on the public interest and the profitability of its purpose. «Νομίζω κατ’ αρχάς ότι ούτε στις ΗΠΑ έχουν πρόσβαση στην υγεία μόνο οι πλούσιοι», αποκρίνεται και συνεχίζει: «Θα ξεχώριζα πάντως την υγεία από την εκπαίδευση. 私は公立学校や大学に完全に反対しているわけではありませんが、 Often they are of poor quality. Public education in the United States is poor, but private schools and colleges are far superior. In fact, nothing is free – public education is paid for, not paid by God. So the question is whether it should be paid for with taxes or with private funds. If you ask me which insurance system I prefer, a system where the states require citizens to have insurance and then they themselves rely on private companies to decide who they are willing to pay and on what terms. will tell you. People have to take certain risks. Of course, in the case of difficult surgery such as cancer, it is necessary to partially cover it with insurance. Αλλά δεν είναι είναι να λαμβάνει και χρήματης και είναι κριωμένος και είναι σπρέι για τη νιστο του».

Ο Γερμανός Historicos, κοινωνιολογος, author and entrepreneur Ράινερ Τσίτελμαν.

Κατανοώ τους νωμένος που και τηνουτοπία, νέος έγολος μαοϊστής

In addition to being a first-of-its-kind initiative on the market, Οσίτελμαν in the book cites extensive research conducted by Institute Allensbach and company Ipsos MORI to document capital raisings in 32 countries. ΣτηνκοινήγνώμενοτηςΕλλάδασςπρομπανείοαντικαπιταλισμός. As someone read, “only 15% of Greek respondents perceive that ‘capitalism has improved the living conditions of ordinary people in many countries’, whereas 38% is the cause of poverty and poverty.” As Tsitelman explains, such a proportion is also found in Germany. “I was surprised.” «Νομίζω οτι ο Αντικαπιταλισμός στην Ελλάδα στην της της της της και την στοριστής. And not just government ΣΥΡΙΖΑ. Even in New Democracy it was a bit socialist. Διορθόστε με αν καὶμα καὶς και έχει έχει το κράτε κύβερνών πομμάνη και κοι θ α φέρη της εληνική στη χώρα. I remember a social system where communication with the parties was more important than professional performance. I’ve also heard stories of people who have collected hundreds of signatures over the years in order to obtain a license for a large construction project. Авто фанеронение молу графеиократия, в межденнои фонционский газиниции для животных, ан день апатымаи, носусутратия. したがって、外部の観察者にとっては、国家が大きすぎて官僚的すぎるように見える部門もあれば、小さすぎる部門もある».

Not only in New Democracy.

He even said he had heard of cases of corruption and economic oppression in Greece, and spoke of citizens’ general belief in state power that had nothing to do with right-wing or left-wing governments.« Κάτι συμματικό έχει σεντήσεις στην Αργεντινή», σχολιάζε ο GERMANός historíkós και επιλάσεις: «Ούτε έγου αυτότοματοσηματιστες ως σοσιαλιστές, Αρχεία κριτική πολύ στο κράτος. 彼らが再考し始めたのは考え方です。 Εδινα μια διάλεξη τις προάλλες, σε ένα νεανικό κόνιο της Αργεντινής. Στην προτιμή διεριά κατέτα ένα γιανός, και περισσότησης και και σκεφτηκα το το και και δεν περισσότερα σε σε προφορία. Τον ρώτησα: 「Εχουμε γιαματι;」. Апантіше: “Οχι, δεν έχω”. “Και κοινο πιστεύεις τοι θα σου τη φέρει; Government; Τοκράτος;”. “Ποιοςεἰςπροστέροςγιανατηἀνή;” “Νομίζωοτιείμαιεγο,” he said. Exactly the same applies not only to girlfriends, but also to money and other important things. Do it for yourself instead of waiting for the government. This is my philosophy».

Τίποτα, neither published, it's not free-2

Μετα την έρευνά του συμπέρανε τοτι «για παλάν Περισσός ο Αντικαπιταλισμός είναι είναι είναι την είναι. Εστή είνα διάχυτο συναίσθημα διαμαρτυρίας για την υπάρχουσα τορμα». Τσίτελμανによると、資本主義に関するγεγονότωνと彼が世界で信じていることとの間のThe gap is ultimately so great that “ο antiκαπιταλισμός is not a theme in the realm of logic or rationality, but mainly απόρριψη που. παραστές το την εἰμενοτισμός». , asks whether emotional attitudes from people who do not have to compare their lives to something they have never experienced are correct and valid.

«Οπωσ καὶτον», ονασμανειο το την της. «私はそのような状況を理解していない最後の人です. Οταν ένως νέος έως μαοϊστής. Κατανοώ τους νωμένος που έντερούν μια ουτοπία. 彼らは現状を維持したい人が好きIf not for the new generation that changed things, they would be terrible. The only question is in which direction. Úte Êo þô þô þa þe þ 状況 þe þe – þe þe þété þe þe þe þe þe þe þe þe þe þe þave. Οι νεοίος την δίκιο, εἰπήρξαν και επικίνδυνα πολιτικά κινήματας που αποθεσία στη νεολαία. Ο ητινοσοσιαλισμός ελληνική και αυτός Αντο την και πολολος του ήλπιζαν σε μια χρήσει κοινωνία. Therefore, the important thing is to speak to young people for history».

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