Neil deGrasse Tyson Makes Shocking Claims About ET: ‘Steven Spielberg Told Me’

astrophysicist I participated where he stayed on thursday Little Known Minds with Knowledge: Much like Groot, and of course Baby Groot , It’s not an animal, it’s a plant with sentience.

“By the way, did you know that ETs are sentient plants, not animals?” “ETs are plants?” Colbert replied. “Turn on the heart light. He’s got a heart.” deGrasse Tyson replied, “Well, okay.” ”

According to deGrasse Tyson, he got this information from a fairly reliable source.

“How do you know it’s a plant?” asked Colbert. “Remember when an ET touches a plant, it turns back?” asked DeGrasse Tyson. “It’s not an accident.” When asked how he knew, DeGrasse Tyson replied: said at the office. ”

Viewers didn’t know what to think.

What sparked the conversation about ET in the first place was deGrasse Tyson’s talk about the possibility of aliens being actually sentient plants and what it would be like to see plants consumed by humans on Earth. , was a long and lively rant.

“To come up with ideas for sentient plants,” Colbert said.

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