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Nearly 900,000 NL residents wanted to move last year but couldn’t find a home

Last year, about 900,000 people said they wanted to move but couldn’t find a home. This is more than double his number in 2015, when nearly 400,000 people faced the problem. statistics netherlands are reported based on the triennial Dutch Housing Survey.

The ratio of “definitely want to move” (11%) and “probably want to move” (23%) has remained relatively stable since 2012. From 3% in 2015 to over 6% in 2021.

In particular, adults who wanted to move out of their parents’ homes had a hard time finding housing. Last year, 13% said they wanted to move, but found nothing.

Young people leaving their parents’ homes had the hardest time finding housing in North Holland and Utrecht. Young people from Drenthe, Overijssel and Limburg had the least problems.

After adult children living in their parents’ homes, singles under the age of 40 were most often unable to find a place to move even if they wanted to. In this group, the percentage of people struggling to change their address increased from 4% in 2015 to 11% in 2021. For cohabiting couples under 40 with no children, this was 8%, and for single parents he was 9%. These percentages are also higher than he was in 2015.

Singles, couples and families with children over the age of 40 also struggled to find new homes, but the gap has narrowed.

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