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Nearly 3 million Dutch workers were disrespected and humiliated at work

31% of employees have experienced insulting or demeaning behavior from their managers. That’s about 3 million workers. 22% had to deal with misconduct and 40% had to deal with verbal attacks at work.

This came to light from a survey of a representative group of 2,400 workers carried out by investigator Maurice de Hondo at the request of the trade union CNV.

“These are shocking numbers,” said CNV Chairman Piet Fortuin. “A shocking number of workers are being threatened and humiliated. not.”

Last week Volkskrant published an article about a former employee of a TV show. world turns on said they were Victim of extreme outbursts of anger and public humiliationPresenter Matthijs van Nieuwkerk and Editor-in-Chief.

The CNV survey also showed that 1 in 6 respondents go to work with a stomach ache. The same percentage say the work atmosphere is a source of stress. 11% reported a culture of fear and 15% felt their managers were unpredictable.

Women are more likely than men to experience violations and intimidation. 26% of men have to deal with it compared to 37% of women.

More than half of respondents say their employers take action against inappropriate behavior. 16% of employers do not take action and 33% do not know. “This shows that nearly half don’t arrange it,” Fortuin said, calling on employers to address the topic.

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