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Nearly 200 pilot whales die on Australian beaches – Times of India

Hobart: About 200 pilot whales have died after being stranded on the beach exposed to the bare waves of the rugged coast. west coast Also Tasmaniathe Australian Rescue Service said on Thursday.
Only 35 of the roughly 230 beached whales are still alive, according to the state wildlife service, and it will be a tough fight to save the survivors.
Aerial photographs of the site revealed dozens of shiny black mammals scattered about. ocean beachstranded at the waterline where the frigid Southern Ocean meets the sand.
Locals covered some of the creatures with blankets and poured seawater into buckets to keep them alive until more help arrived.
“There are about 35 surviving animals on the beach. Our main focus this morning is the rescue and release of these animals,” said Brendon, the state’s Wildlife Operations Manager. Clerk.
“Unfortunately, the mortality rate from this particular stranding is high,” he added.
“Environmental conditions, the waves on exposed West Coast ocean beaches, are certainly taking a toll on the animals.”
Helpers typically step into the water and use harnesses to float mammals into deeper waters, but new technology using mechanical assistance from aquaculture companies will also be tested, according to officials.
From there, the ship takes them into deeper clear waters to avoid new strandings.
nearly two years ago Macquarie Harbor It was the site of the largest mass stranding in the country’s history, involving about 500 pilot whales.
More than 300 pilot whales have died as they ran aground, even as dozens of volunteers struggled for days to free them in Tasmania’s freezing waters.
Clark said the current stranding situation is tougher on the whales than it was two years ago when they were in “much more protected waters.”
Attention will also be given to the removal and disposal of carcasses where sharks often congregate.
autopsy It is run to get clues as to why whales wash up on beaches, but scientists still don’t fully understand why mass strandings occur.
Scientists have suggested that the pod could go out of orbit after getting too close to shore.
Pilot whales, which can grow to over 6 meters in length, are very sociable and may stalk their endangered mates.
This can occur when an old, sick or injured animal swims to shore and is followed by other herd members trying to respond to the trapped whale’s distress call.
Some believe that gently sloping beaches, such as those found in Tasmania, confuse whale sonar into thinking they are in the open ocean.
The latest stranding comes just days after 12 juvenile male sperm whales were reported dead in another mass stranding. king island — Between Tasmania and mainland Australia.
State officials said the incident may have been a case of “bad luck.”
Close new zealand Stranding is also common.
According to official statistics, about 300 animals congregate on the beach there each year, and it is not uncommon for pods of 20 to 50 pilot whales to be stranded.
But when “superpods” are involved, the numbers can run into the hundreds, and in 2017, about 700 pilot whales were massively stranded.

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