NASA loads fuel into Artemis I rocket in major troubleshooting test

A repair crew replaces a seal at the Space Launch System base on September 8, 2022. | | Photo courtesy of NASA / Chad Siwik

Today NASA has tanked all the next generation lunar rockets with nowhere to go. Today, liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen fuels were loaded onto the Space Launch System (SLS), and hours of testing of its cumbersome fuel delivery system were conducted.

This was what NASA called a “gentle, gentler” refueling procedure, which was then being tested. Hydrogen leak hampered second launch attempt Rocket and Artemis I Mission September 3rd. The new procedure was “designed to slowly transition temperature and pressure during tanking to reduce the potential for leaks that can be caused by rapid changes in temperature or pressure.” NASA said in a blog post:.

“I am so encouraged by today’s test,” said Charlie Blackwell Thompson…

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