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Naira crisis: Oluwo empowers residents with sewing machines and grinders

As part of an effort to alleviate the suffering caused by Naira’s design policies, Iwo Jima, Osun State, Iwo Jima’s Supreme Ruler, His Majesty the Emperor Oba Abdul Rashid Adewale Akambi, has announced that more than 200 residents of Iwo Jima gave various items to

The empowerment program was facilitated by Mr.Mr., one of Iwo’s pride. Tunde Rahman to complement Oluwo’s ​​Food, Clothing and Empowerment Bank.

Items distributed included sewing machines, grinders, and groceries (rice, Semovita, peanut oil). Oba Akanbi helped more than 50 traders each equally with his N5,000 cash to keep the business going.

The monarch, who lamented the hardships given to Nigerians, especially petty merchants by the naira shortage, said empowerment was about keeping their businesses active.

Oluwo said he was aware of the challenges traders face with the naira swap policy, and said empowerment would counteract traders’ suffering.

He said the current economic challenges posed by the policy have raised the concerns of wealthy individuals and called on governments at all levels to empower small businesses to prioritize and mitigate the unintended consequences of politics. Said there was

The monarch said his original plan was to make elaborate cash entitlements, but a shortage of naira limited him to giving N5,000 each to more than 50 beneficiaries.

In all, about 30 sewing machines, 25 crushers, rice bags, Semovita and peanut oil were distributed to beneficiaries across Iwoland consisting of Iwo, Ayedire and Ola Oluwa local councils.

“I have felt the pain inflicted on Nigerians, especially petty traders. I needed to help them because they had grown.

“I have a strong desire for my people to increase the little money given to them. The distribution of sewing machines, grinders and food supplies is intended to reduce the suffering inflicted on the people of Aywoland. Small business owners are the main beneficiaries.I interacted with people and got feedback all the time.Three councils of Iwoland – Iwo, Ayedire and Ola Oluwa benefited.In the new naira crisis Nevertheless, we must keep them alive.

“Lending sewing machines to apprentice tailors without financial strength. Equally selected beneficiaries of grinders and food. Princes, chieftains and residents benefited from food rations.

“We also distributed cash to retail traders. Initially, I planned elaborate cash empowerment, but the Naira shortage is on no one’s side. We are confident that we will use our empowerment wisely.

“I am the golden hopeful son, Mr. Tunde Rahman, who facilitated the programme.

We can recall that since his accession to the throne, Oruwo has set up food and clothing banks for widows, widowers, orphans, and the underprivileged, feeding them every Monday and Friday until now.

The King called on wealthy individuals to help the poor during this critical time of economic quagmire.

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