Murdered Georgia mother Debbie Collier shares photo of black eye after ‘falling’

of killed georgia’s mom After her naked body was found in a canyon, she shared a gruesome selfie on social media revealing severe bruising.

“Look what I did to myself when I was planted in the concrete sidewalk,” Debbie Collier, 59, captioned a December 2020 Facebook post. Fox News reported.

“I have no eye makeup on my right eye,” added Collier, who was found by authorities in September with burn marks on her abdomen the day after her daughter and husband reported her missing. was there.

Images from 2020 show her badly injured right eye swollen and closed, with abrasions above and below.

Murdered Georgia mother Debbie Collier posted an image of an eye injury after “planting her face” on a sidewalk in December 2020.
Facebook/Debbie Steve Collier
    Eye injuries of murdered Georgia mother Debbie Collier
A police spokesman says there were no records of domestic calls involving Collier and her husband.
Facebook/Debbie Steve Collier

She was found dead about 60 miles from her home in Athens after wire transfering $2,385 to her daughter Amanda Bearden and leaving a chilling note on September 20th. it was done. Ten.

“They’re not going to let me go. There’s a house key in a blue flowerpot by the door,” Collier wrote. She was fixing her car, so I rented her car and left home in an SUV, taking her alone. She took her credit card with her and her driver’s license.

Georgia mother Debbie Collier murdered
Collier sent his daughter a “mysterious text” before police found her body naked and burned.
Facebook/Tammy Doughty

Neighbors said Collier may have been “screaming and fighting” at his home the night before he disappeared.

the police Declared It says her death was a homicide, and has executed a search warrant and interviewed those involved, but has been tight-lipped about the details.

A suspect in the mysterious case has not been identified.

A spokesperson for the Athens Clark County Police Department told Fox News Digital that there was no record of any domestic calls involving Collier and her husband.

Emma Liu, a former forensic pathologist in Dr. Florida, told the news outlet that the injuries seen on Facebook “would be consistent with a fall,” adding that the damage was “something hard and relatively flat, at least an object. some of them came into contact with her.”

The daughter’s boyfriend told The Post on Thursday that police confiscated the family’s phone.

Debbie Collier's rental SUV
Collier rented an SUV and left home with nothing but a credit card and driver’s license.
Joy Purcell/now Herbersham

“They interrogated all of us. The people closest to her are now being viewed as suspects,” he said, requesting that his name not be used. feel like [the Sheriff’s Department] We may have some clues, but they tell us nothing. “

Collier was a realtor and lived in her house Husband Stephen Collier told police he last saw his wife at 9 p.m.

Bearden, who became hysterical when he saw his mother’s remains being carried into the ravine, told police that his mother had no history of mental illness or suicidal thoughts.

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