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Municipal Health Minister Fernán Quiros announces election for mayor

Buenos Aires City Health Minister Fernán Quiros confirmed Thursday that he is running as a candidate for mayor of the capital next year.

At the inauguration of the new Community Health (CeSAC) center in Vila Lulo, officials confirmed recent reports that he had made up his mind in the presence of City Minister Felipe Miguel and incumbent Mayor Horacio Rodríguez of Laretta.

“I had a lot of regrets” about deciding to run, said Quiros.

“My belief is that every civil servant should be prepared to care for the community. [City] Next year’s government,” he said, confirming his desire to go to City Hall to replace Rodriguez Lareta.

“I am very determined and have a very positive assessment of the conduct of this government headed by Horacio,” he said.

Quiros, 60, has been a key figure in Argentina’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic and is seen by analysts as a capable and cautious civil servant. Born in Olivos to a family of doctors. He graduated with honors from the medical school of the University of Buenos Aires, later specializing in internal medicine. He heads various hospital departments, including the Italian Hospital, and heads the public health network for the Greater Buenos Aires Area (AMBA).

Quiros’ candidacy was first reported a few weeks ago, but the announcement was delayed due to a dispute with the city’s medical experts over a salary increase that was resolved last week. We talked about the possibility of a doctor mayor and suggested him as a potential candidate.

The Olivos-born doctor will face a packed field in the Uspallata race, as many party and city government colleagues have expressed interest in the post. Other possible mayoral candidates include radical Senator Martin Rustault.

Rodriguez Lareta, who wants to run for president, faces a thorny few months ahead as he walks a fine line between goodwill and public support.

“It’s been an honor to work with Fernand and I’m proud that he has this mission,” the mayor said Thursday, praising Quiros.

“It’s an honor to work with Fernand and that he has this mission,” the mayor said Thursday, praising Quiros. “He demonstrated professional competence, human qualities and fortitude in confronting the greatest health crisis in 100 years. Fernand led the entire healthcare system through the pandemic.”

The opposition leader walked cautiously, saying “Soredad Acuña’s candidacy is also a source of pride”, referring to his education minister’s ambitions.

He also praised the qualities of Jorge Macri, Minister of City Government, and Emmanuel Ferrario, MP and deputy mayor.

Rodríguez Larreta said he supports “all PRO candidates” before highlighting the opening of a new medical facility with 14 examination rooms and providing dental, gynecological and intermediate level care. rice field.

“We are keeping our promise to set up a medical center within 15 minutes of people’s homes in Buenos Aires,” he declared.

Commenting on his candidacy in an interview with Radio Perfil FM 101.9, Quirós said he hopes to bring more sympathy to politics.

“Given what is happening in society, politics today needs empathy. in,’ he told journalist Jorge Fontevecchia.

“People have lost their expectations, their trust and their trust in their leaders. I think they appreciate my ability to do so and my focus on citizenship,” he concluded.

Among those who immediately offered their help to the Minister of Health was Civic Alliance-ARI leader Elisa Kallio. She described Quiros as someone of “honesty” and transparency. “

“Together with the entire civil union, I unconditionally support Mr. Fernán Quiros’s candidacy for prime minister because he is a good person, honest, transparent, republican and humanist. ‘ said the leader of the political space.

“For me, he is a light that is open today for those who are in a lot of pain and anguish today and who want dignity and happiness for the city of Buenos Aires that I love.


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