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Motherhood in the eyes of Uchenna Onwuamaegbu-Ugwu and Renike Olusanya

To Oluwatomiwa Ognii

March 19, 2023 | 5:00 AM

Mother’s Day is today. It is an opportunity to appreciate and celebrate the role of mothers in society. Synonymous with the role of mother is what her Uchenna Onwuamaegbu-Ugwu, founder of Edufun Technik Limited, does. Edufun Technik Limited takes a leading role in developing her STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education for girls. She’s using technology to shape the future…

Mother’s Day is today. It is an opportunity to appreciate and celebrate the role of mothers in society. Synonymous with the role of mother is what her Uchenna Onwuamaegbu-Ugwu, founder of Edufun Technik Limited, does. Edufun Technik Limited takes a leading role in developing her STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education for girls. She uses technology to shape the future of the children who see her as her mother.

Despite being male-dominated, young girls are also excelling in STEM, and through Uchenna’s maternal tutoring, more girls are interested in, learning and earning from technology. Being a woman in tech is now a “cool” thing. Her teaching goes further to not only maintain these interests, but to provide the knowledge and skills to put them into practice.

When asked about the motivation and driving force behind the company’s founding, she, a changemaker and mother, says, “I want to reach out to those girls on street corners and girls who are hard to reach.” My own dream of hoping and praying that someone will have me. I remember growing up. There were so many things I wanted and wanted, but I didn’t have the means to get them. Knowing what I know today, there are a lot of young girls like me at heart. I also know that you are praying for me to give you.

The great thing about this is that the results may not be right now, but these young girls/kids will wake up one day and find someone to be there where they need to be, sharing resources and experiences. , I remember being there to guide and give them something useful. So the program is actually telling me I’m trying to live the life I want young people to have. Because I didn’t have the chance. I want to return the favor and see a smile on someone’s face – knowing that if I hadn’t shown up, that person usually wouldn’t have had a chance.

Describing her foundation’s latest cohort, which trained 20 girls over six weeks, Uchenna explains: do. Our curriculum focuses not only on technology, but also on building confidence, time management and other soft skills necessary for survival. This is an intensive program. Because after 6 weeks they have to defend their project. So not only theory but also understanding is important. We follow up with our girls and open up a hub for them to come in and learn new things that have never been done before. However, we continue to seek sponsorships, support and donations to reach out to more girls and communities. Right now, her day in her life is busy, balancing work from home and working from home and planning ahead. She relaxes by spending time with her children. ”

She believes the future of STEM in Nigeria is bright. Because it concerns today’s girls who are her future mothers. Other countries have gone this far. ”
Not only is she a fun advocate, she is also the mother of two little girls. She confirms that as a mother she has many memorable moments especially with her children.Of her experience as a mother she said: .

Every mother experiences that joy when her first child is born. mine was 13 years ago. Even knowing that I was pregnant, it was an incredible feeling of joy and happiness that could not be replicated. This is one of my memorable times. “
Like Buchi Emecheta’s book, “The Joy of Motherhood” will reveal whether there really is any joy given today’s realities.

She explains, “Of course it is. I don’t see the reality of 21st-century children, or the state of the economy, stopping a mother’s gratitude, joy, and happiness.”
In every aspect of my existence, I enjoy motherhood. If it’s the economy, we manage what we have, and when it comes to 21st century kids, we try to adapt to them and see things from their point of view, but the 70’s or 80’s We also incorporate styles; So for me there is great joy in motherhood, I never stop doing anything and I have nothing to regret. It is also to give some background. ”

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, her message to Nigerian mothers is: These kids are smart, knowledgeable, and digitally born. You need to acquire some digital skills, learn about computers and the Internet, understand programs to work with children, and know how to stay safe online. Whether you’re a career mom or a stay-at-home mom, know that learning happens everywhere. So love your kids, take care of them, and find time to make everyone happy. You’ll grow up and leave home soon, so enjoy the moment so you won’t regret it. The most important thing is your and your children’s health. Stay fit, exercise, drink plenty of water, and pray hard for your family. ”

Another manifestation of women in STEM is Renik Olusanya. A digital artist practicing in the most unconventional way ever. In the spirit of what motherhood produces, Lenike is the fruit of motherhood, and her life journey is one that makes her mother glisten with joy.
Renike tells Guardian Life how her parents’ encouragement led her into the beautiful world of digital drawing, adorned with the resilient voice of her struggling Nigerian mother during lockdown. – Vogue magazine.

“My childhood was like that of the average Nigerian child. So I was exposed to a lot of things, from dancing to painting, acting to painting.
She says, “But I don’t think I chose it as a career. I think it chose me. We found each other and decided to make it work. It’s about realizing what you’re doing and being successful.For now, I’ve decided to explore it as a career.It may or may not change in the future, but that’s who I am right now. is the reality of

The inspiration for her famous work “She Will Not Be Silent” came from Nigerians using their voices to speak and fight for others going through difficult times during lockdown.

“My viral/best-selling work was also featured in Vogue. It’s been my way of saying thank you to those mothers, and it’s also been my way of matching my voice to theirs to raise awareness of how we’re being treated in the pandemic.

Breaking more career frontiers, the digital artist created a lovely book cover for author Nicola Yoon’s “Instruction for Dancing” after being contacted on Instagram by the author’s management who liked her work. bottom. “The process was so easy and beautiful thanks to the great people I worked with. The author (Nicola) saw my work on Instagram and got in touch and she said my art I thought it would be a perfect fit for the book and I am grateful for the opportunity.The art director then contacted me to begin the process, which included sketching and coloring, which was completed in a few months. .”
And while Lenike believes she’s far better than she is, it’s Mother’s Day today, so mothers like her deserve all the applause they can get from everyone. increase.

She also shares her thoughts on the best parts of being an artist. She says, “I love being able to think and imagine something in my head and then make it happen. The fact that I consider it a blessing and thank God for it.”
Whether you’re a STEM #woman or not, the only thing that matters is you. Don’t forget to celebrate yourself as a future mother, too.

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