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Mother of kidnapped and murdered boy found dead in Maastricht home

The mother of nine-year-old Gino van der Straten, who was kidnapped, drugged, molested and murdered, was found dead in her Maastricht home on Tuesday evening. Her death was confirmed to her L1 by a spokesperson for her family.

Police confirmed a body had been found at Gildenweg’s home, but officers found no evidence of a crime, a police spokesperson told a local broadcaster. He declined to comment further on the death.

“Gino’s incident has destroyed her,” a family spokesperson said. “Gino’s death is still very fresh. What do you do when you hear this? Another farewell and funeral. For her mother’s daughters, Gino’s sisters, this is a very bad time.” “

of Boy kidnapped in June when he visited a playground down the street from his 32-year-old sister. Panic began to set in when he did not return from football. Police issued an alert for Amber a day after his death, and his two adult sisters, family, friends and volunteers spent days looking for him.

During the investigation, police narrowed the target to 22-year-old Donnie M. previously convicted Also Threatening and assaulting two children, and sexually abuse one of them.When they brought him in for questioning, he discovered that Van der Straten’s body was Found behind a burnt house Near M’s house in Helene.

m. has since been detainedThe next hearing in his case is scheduled for December 5 in Maastricht, L1 reported. When the case last went to court, Van der Straten’s mother said that the prosecutor had her M.

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