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More NL Residents Are Choosing Higher Medical Deductibles To Keep Their Premiums Low

resourcefulness health insurance premiums go up Besides everything else is getting more expensive too, more Dutch residents are opting for higher medical deductibles in exchange for discounts on their insurance premiums. If you’re unlucky, it means you’ll have to cough a lot more if you’re taken to the hospital. For example, experts warn: advertisement report.

In the Netherlands, everyone with health insurance must pay a medical deductible of €385 out of their own pocket. However, you have the option to increase the compulsory deduction by up to €500 to €885. Instead, according to the newspaper, their premiums will be reduced by up to €300 a year.

Health care comparison service Independent compiled the number of people who switched health insurance providers for the first time this year. I noticed that thousands of people opted for the maximum medical deductible of €885. So far, last year he had 29.5% and two years ago he had 25%, whereas this year he has opted for the maximum deduction of 38.7%.

Comparison site has confirmed this image. The number of switchers choosing higher deductibles has increased from 30% at this point last year to 37% now, with the majority opting for the maximum amount.

“Medical insurance premiums have risen significantly, people are looking for ways to save About that,” health care expert Bas Knopperts told AD. He advises policyholders to set aside the money they “saved” by increasing the deductible, but that would void the points.

The Patient Federation also warned that raising deductibles could be risky. “You can save money, but there’s a good chance you’ll have to spit it out at some point, so think about it.”

Patient interest groups worry that instead of considering coverage and terms, people will only look at the lowest price when switching to another health plan this year.

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