Missouri mother drains pond to retrieve body of son murdered in 2015

A Missouri mother can finally rest her son after draining the pond where her son’s body was dumped seven years ago.

Connie Goodwin and her grandson, Gage Goodwin, recovered the body of Gage’s father, Edward Goodwin, from the bottom of a pond in Poplar Bluff on Saturday. The Riverfront Times reported.

Edward Goodwin’s partial body has been sitting under murky water since he was murdered by two former friends in the summer of 2015.

According to the Butler County Sheriff’s Office, the killers, Eldred Smith and Ricky Hart, who are each serving time on murder charges, tied a block of cinders to the 32-year-old’s body and routed it to County Route 572. I threw it into a nameless pond.

The motive is suspected drug trafficking The Daily American Republic reported at the time.

In November 2017, two years after the murder, the sheriff’s office drained part of the pound, Partial ruins with patches They were identifiable as Edward Goodwin’s.

Investigators found enough pelvises and femurs to convict Smith and Hart of murder.

Connie Goodwin, 57, said the sheriff’s department promised to come back and finish the job to collect the rest of her son, but years went by with new excuses each time.

Connie Goodwin and her son borrowed a sump pump to keep the drain working.

“There was always a reason, either other crimes going on or the weather,” she said.

Last fall, the sheriff’s deputy returned to the pond to continue draining it, but was unable to remove enough water to find what was left of Edward Goodwin.

Over the weekend, Connie and Gage Goodwin couldn’t shut it down after learning that his body was still in the pond, so they decided to continue the restoration work themselves.

They borrowed a sump pump and started pumping water from the pond. It was shrinking exponentially in size from previous efforts.

Edward Goodwin poses with his daughter.
Edward Goodwin’s murderers threw his corpse into an unnamed pond on Route 572.

Two hours into the operation, they found what appeared to be bones sticking out of the mud and called the local coroner.

Fifteen-year-old Gage Goodwin when his father was murdered ran to the center of the muddy swamp to collect his father’s remains.

“The next thing I know, my grandson, he’s tall and slender and took off in that mud-running attitude,” said Connie Goodwin. “It was up to his knees.”

Jim Akers, now 22 and a Butler County coroner, carefully removed the skeleton from the mud, placed it in a kayak, and safely returned it to shore.

The discovery was bittersweet, but it helped bring some closure to the family.

“It was a sad day. It was a happy day because I was able to bring my son home,” Connie Goodwin said.

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