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Missing woman, 36, found dead in woodlands of North Brabant

Police found the body of 36-year-old Silvana Heber in a wooded area between Vessem and Veldhoven on Tuesday night. The mother of two children was reported missing Saturday morning after failing to attend a family gathering. Her ex, 41-year-old Marlon B., is in custody on suspicion of murder.

Police searched the wooded area after there were “concrete signs” from the investigation, advertisement report. Officers reported finding the body just before midnight on Tuesday and confirmed it as the missing woman on Wednesday morning. Forensic investigators spent the night at the scene looking for trace evidence.

Marlon B. was arrested shortly after Heber’s family reported her missing. Police suspected him of murder, and a magistrate detained him for two more weeks during his recent arraignment.

According to AD, Heber’s murder may be related to a custody case between B and a previous ex-boyfriend with two young children. The court had previously granted B. and his former joint custodians custody of his two boys, but plans to appeal Wednesday.

A source told AD that Heber spoke up for other women in the custody case.B.B. abused both women during their relationship and knew about each other. ended the relationship and moved her things to her new home in Hoogruen two days before she went missing.

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