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Milan: Transfer of family «Ουράνιο Τόξο» for legal recognition

Photo Reuters/Claudia Greco

The transfer of the family “Ουράνιο Τόξo” took place today in Milan with the request of full approval by Italian law. Στην κινητιοποίηση πορήν μέρος οι οι για τα ροτής ΛΟΑΤΚΙ.

Κυρια καὶ της της διαμαρτυρίας, by decision of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has asked the city of Milan to suspend the registration of the births of children of ζευγαριών.

«Άκουσατιςχωρίσειςτωνοικογενειήαυτός, τιςκοίταξασταμαται. There is a legal gap that must be covered», δήμαρχος του Μιλάνου, Πέπε Σάλα.

For her part, Έλι Σλάιν, the new leader of “democracy,” added that her party would introduce a law recognizing the rights of gay couples and their children.

There is no single reason why «family members «Ουράνιο Τόξ» should be targeted. We are on their side because the current government is in turmoil. γεγλτηςγια ideological approach, αποκομένειαπότηντη towards τη towards τη towards τη sphere »τέλος, τέλος, ηκ mother Aραπεντίνο, affectionate δρποςωωωδ−πλωδρποςν

Πηγή: ΑΠΕ – ΜΠΕ

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