Mike Tomlin rules out possible quarterback change

Pittsburgh’s offense isn’t producing enough points. But that’s not enough to produce a quarterback change… yet.

After Thursday night’s 29-17 loss to the Browns, coach Mike Tomlin made clear his continued support for the current starter. Mitch TrubiskyWhen asked about the possibility of a transfer from Trubisky to the first round of rookies Kenny Pickettsaid Tomlin, “The answer to that question is definitely no

This is the perfect chance to give Pickett some extra time to prepare for work until the ninth week’s goodbye in earnest. By then, it may be too late. After a Week 4 game at home against the Jets, Steelers Face a superior line of small-scale killers, including Bills, Bucs, Dolphins and Eagles.

The Steelers are currently 1-2, but could end up 2-6 in eight weeks. So winning enough of his last nine games to clinch the division or slip into one of the AFC’s three wild card slots could be very difficult.

It also puts more pressure on Tomlin to avoid his first losing season. He needs to go 7-2 in one fell swoop.

Meanwhile, he has to deal with the internal and external pressure to play Trubisky. Inside the building, Trubisky had fallen out of favor even before the Week 3 loss.

And while Trubisky did a better job of fielding the ball in the passing game, the results weren’t there. Trubisky made 20 of 32 passes for 207 yards. Not bad, but not good enough to win.

Pickets are clearly the future. Many people think the future is now. The head of the team thinks otherwise and that’s really all that matters.

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