Microsoft Teams and Outlook Down Due to “Network Issues”

Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and other Microsoft 365 services are currently down for thousands of users worldwide due to network issues. software makers,Identified potential network issues” and troubleshooting a fix to bring the service back online.

Microsoft is Currently rolling back network changes We are monitoring the service to make sure it is back online. In short, Microsoft Teams and Outlook users should see the service come back soon.

thousands of users Reported issue Around 2:30 am this morning, services like Microsoft Teams and Outlook email are not loading in much of Europe and Asia. Microsoft list The following Microsoft 365 services are affected:

It is rare for multiple Microsoft services to stop at the same time. Microsoft Teams 2 hours down in April 2021after the problem blocked the connection for European and Asian users.

While the Microsoft 365 Status account on Twitter kept users updated, the last tweet on the Microsoft Teams account was 12 hours ago, “I suggest you set your status to ‘I’ll be back soon’ and have a snack. This is also good advice if you stop very early in the morning.

Update Jan 25 at 4:42 AM ET: Article updated with the latest Microsoft 365 status.

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