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Vince McMahon Returns to WWE Board of Directors It’s been a big topic among wrestling fans lately, but audiences have also questioned whether he’ll be able to handle WWE’s creative department as well. “Foley is a Pod” Episode, Mick Foley admitted he had no idea when that would happen, but noted, “He’s Vince. It’s his nature to shake things up.”

in the meantime Recent WWE Talent Meetings Run by Paul Levesque, the roster was said to keep him in charge of creative decisions, but McMahon I have already sent you a note To my son-in-law. McMahon notoriously changed the script by the day of the show, trying to “fix” it before going live, and Foley said it was “not the most efficient way to write and run a show.” Maybe.”

Foley said, “I think that’s how Vince feels that works best under pressure.” I don’t know if that means he’ll shake things up before Mania after the Rumble or wait until then.” ”

Of course, the WWE WrestleMania season is the busiest time of the year for the company. So if McMahon wants to get involved creatively, that’s a period he might want to step into. trying to sell the company For now, this could give Levesque more control over time.

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