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Men screwed it up, Dutch King says during talks on equality

King Willem-Alexander said during a conversation with Slovak youth about gender equality and women’s emancipation on International Women’s Day, men have “confused” things over the past few thousand years. , at the Slovak National Museum in Bratislava during the royal couple’s three-day state visit.

Modern communities need all unique talents “to thrive.” “Diversity is a strength, not a weakness,” he said. Men have screwed things up, and women shouldn’t follow their example.

Queen Máxima said that while studying economics and working at various banks, she rarely saw women around her. She was one of the “only” women to be Queen of the Netherlands. Diversity is very important, she said Maxima. “I think it’s incontrovertible.” She asked the women present to be “proactive,” as things “just don’t happen.” 100 percent” agree.

One of the young women who attended the talks said she liked Slovak President Zuzana Kaptova being a woman. “We think this kind of thing is possible. I’m happy about it,” she said. “My role model is Princess Diana,” she said. “She was a very optimistic and caring woman.” It encourages her to be like that, too. The Queen agrees that role models are certainly important.

President Captova also attended the talks. She answered her questions about her own experiences with gender equality. “During the election, I was confronted with comments like, ‘Women should be in the kitchen, not in politics.’ This is a man’s world,” Captova said. “I think diversity is healthy and necessary in politics, too.”

The King and Queen were welcomed at the venue by Alexandra Kusa, Director of the Slovak National Museum, and Natalia Milanova, Slovak Minister of Culture. The Secretary of State for Culture and Media, Gunray Usulu, was also present but did not participate in the discussion.

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