Meghan Markle complained of ‘not getting paid’ for 2018 royal tour, new book claims

Meghan Markle Before “Megxit” did not hide a clear disdain for royal duties. Australia Tour 2018, During that time, she treated her staff “badly,” the new book claims.

The Duchess of Sussex revealed at her reception Down Under that she was Prince Harry’s newly minted “touching” bride, but in private, Markle sang a different tune: Valentine’s Low.

“She enjoyed the attention, but Meghan couldn’t get the point of all those walkabouts shaking hands with countless strangers,” Low reportedly wrote.

“I heard her say at least once, ‘I can’t believe I’m not getting paid for this,’ according to several staff members.”

The divorced biracial American actress bullied courtiers even before she became a member of the royal family, and continued to treat them harshly until she and Harry announced they were leaving the palace in 2020.

Valentine’s Law’s In Courtiers: the Hidden Power Behind the Crown portrays Markle as disrespectful and self-centered on Prince Harry and her royal tour in 2018.
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Six months before their engagement in 2017, she lashed out at one of Harry’s advisers, according to the report, saying, “We know I’m going to be one of your bosses soon. I think,’ he said.

When a senior aide told the couple that they were outraged by the way staff treated them, Meghan countered that “it’s not her job to spoil people,” Low reportedly wrote.

Markle, 41, has also spoken harshly to his aide “especially against young women,” the book says.

“After Meghan’s plans fell apart, a woman told Meghan how difficult it would be to put her new plans into action. ‘Don’t worry,’ Meghan reportedly told her.” increase. “If there were literally anyone else who could ask for this, I would ask them instead of you.”

The incident prompted Prince William to step in and reassure the woman she was doing a great job.

Megan and Harry.
Prince Harry and Duchess of Sussex Meghan participate in the Jaguar Land Rover Driving Challenge at the Invictus Games in Sydney, Australia on October 20, 2018.
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On another occasion, Markle called another member of staff every five minutes during dinner on Friday night. The persistent phone calls continued the next morning and continued for “days,” the book says.

Markle and her assistant were also down on her desire to keep the clothes the designer sent her — which is against royal policy, Law wrote, according to The Sun.

Mr. and Mrs. Sussex press chief Jason Knauf filed a bullying complaint against his boss in 2018 before resigning and being hired by William and Kate Middleton.

Buckingham Palace opened an investigation into Markle’s allegations of bad behavior 18 months ago, but said it would not release the findings this summer.

Markle denied all allegations of bullying and harassment, but the book revealed that her allegations extended to her future husband when the two were dating.

Meghan Markle attends a reception at the Victorian Government Buildings on October 18, 2018.
Meghan Markle attends a reception at the Victorian Government Buildings on October 18, 2018.
Samir Hussein/WireImage

Meghan reportedly gave Harry a bold ultimatum before they were linked in the press as a couple.

“She said, ‘If you don’t make a statement confirming that I’m your girlfriend, I’m going to break up with you,'” a source told Low.

The prince was “surprised” by the threats and frantically told the others, “She’s going to abandon me,” the book says.

After the relationship went public in 2016, Markle directed her anger at the courtier, according to a newspaper book synopsis.

“She told Harry’s staff, ‘I know how the palace works. The muscle told Low.

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