Meghan King wants to set a ‘best example’ for her kids after ex-Jim Edmonds drama

After dismissing two protection orders against her ex-husband Jim Edmonds, Meghan King is back at work and trying to set a good example for her children.

The “Real Housewives of Orange County” alum, 37, EXCLUSIVELY tells Page Six that she hopes to set a “best example” for the former couple’s children.

“I love working and I love being in this city,” she says of her recent trip to New York City to promote her podcast. “Intimate Knowledge with Meghan King”

“It’s best to keep your nose close to the whetstone,” she continues. “And I want to be the best example of a working single mother for my children.”

A visit to King’s Big Apple — which includes Stop by “Tamron Hall Show” — months after she filed a lawsuit against Edmonds, 52, in June. temporary restraining orderShe claimed the retired baseball player was abusive — something Edmonds vehemently denied.

Two protective orders against Edmonds were dropped this week through King’s attorneys.


Megan King Jim Edmonds_37

Two protective orders against Edmonds were dropped this week through King’s attorneys.



The 51-year-old actress wrote on Page Six that although “recent events”…

Missouri court records classified the case as “adult abuse.” [without] stalking.

St. Advocate. The Lewis County Court previously told Page Six that the documents were confidential due to the case’s “high level of security” and could only be obtained with the permission of one of the parties involved.

According to TMZhowever, King claimed in documents that Edmonds displayed “frequent and consistent verbal abuse” toward her via text and the co-parenting app Family Wizard.

King and Edmonds have a five-year-old daughter, Aspen, and four-year-old twin boys, Hayes and Hart, the latter of whom has cerebral palsy. A source told the outlet that the discussion was related to the issue of co-parenting.

Megan King and Jim Edmonds pose with twin sons Hart and Hayes
King and Edmonds, pictured here with twin boys Hayes and Hart, finalized their divorce in May 2021.
Movie Co., Ltd. / Mega

Edmonds’ rep, Steve Honig, told TMZ in part that the filing was “completely unfounded.”

In addition to the restraining order, King requested a child protection order against Edmonds, which was denied.Both orders were denied through her attorney this week.

King and Edmonds — separated in 2019 after five years of marriage finalized their divorce May 2021 — It has endured a series of public controversies.

she has accused him of cheating on her several times during his marriage deny allegations.

Megan King Jim Edmonds_41

King also shares daughter Aspen with Edmonds.


Megan King Jim Edmonds_45

King also shares daughter Aspen with Edmonds.



The 51-year-old actress wrote on Page Six that although “recent events”…

During the July episode of Caroline Stanberry “Divorce Without Dying” Podcastweeks after filing the restraining order, King said their dynamic had only “worsened” since their divorce.

“Terrible,” she said. “It’s very harmful to children. [and] for us as individuals. the worst. ”

Edmonds called out to King for transparency with his social media followers about his son’s heart issues. his cerebral palsy.

However, the reality star told host Tamron Hall that he will speak to his son’s diagnosis in hopes that he can help families facing similar struggles.

Megan King
King, whose son Hart has cerebral palsy, advocates for other families raising children with disabilities.
film magic

“I have such an audience. I want to say, ‘Hey, let’s get this stigma free by talking about it,'” explained the mother of three. “…so I wanted to talk about Hart having a CP…I want him to know that the CP is part of him, but it doesn’t define him .”

After King divorced Edmonds, she Betting on President Joe Biden’s nephew Cuff Biden Owens October 2021. they split 2 months later.

King said on ‘The Tamron Hall Show’ that he intends to keep their future relationship private.

“I’m done putting my relationships on social media. I don’t want to be defined by them,” she said. That’s it, I think most of the time my life scares people when I date.”

Jim Edmonds and Courtney O'Connor
Edmonds proposed to Courtney O’Connor in August 2021.

Meanwhile, Edmonds proposed to his fiancé Courtney O’Connor in August 2021 after going public with their relationship in April 2020.

Earlier this week, honey told people “Jim is looking forward to putting all this nonsense behind him as he begins his new life with Kourtney and continues to focus on his children’s needs,” he said of the removal of the protection order.

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