Media Intermediate Game at Border

If you’re trying to understand why Democrats are making a comeback in the polls despite the many failures of a Biden presidency, you need to turn to the political turmoil surrounding the crisis on the Southern border.

This battle provides a case study of how the media shapes public opinion by expanding left-wing issues, ignoring key facts, and distorting conservative criticism.

Over 4 million people have entered the United States The influx from Mexico under the Biden administration is a record influx greater than the population of any American city except New York.

Nearly a million of those crossers Avoid detectionMost of the others were briefly detained, but were released because they claimed asylum.

After Border Patrol releases them, usually years in court, the government offers no services. Immigrants have no right to work for themselves and rely on charities and new neighbors in Texas, Arizona and elsewhere.

This is an intolerable burden for bordering states. A town with a growing population by hundreds of people every day. In El Paso, Texas, it says it sees about 1,400 new entrants each week.

Governors, mayors and residents of these states are frustrated that Washington is causing trouble and pushing the burden and bills on them.

Venezuelan immigrants standing outside St. Louis.  Andrew's Church in Edgartown, Massachusetts on September 14th.
Venezuelan immigrants standing outside St. Louis. Andrew’s Church in Edgartown, Massachusetts on September 1st. 14.
Handout by Ray Ewing/Vineyard Gazette/REUTERS

Aiming to persuade Northern Democrats to complain to the White House about the crisis, three Republican governors have decided: send some of the millions of unscreened immigrants To the blue cities and states.

On paper, it was a clever scheme that gained widespread attention and succeeded in exposing the hypocrisy of Northern Democrats. is.Ron DeSantis Caused consternation in the home of left-handers Before immigrants were en masse rounded up and bussed to military bases on the mainland (above).

Chicago didn’t want anything to do with I sent that immigrant gift and a bus to a suburban town with a Republican mayor. The mayor of Washington, D.C., has asked the National Guard for help, claiming that Washington, D.C. is “not a border town” and cannot handle thousands of immigrants.

hypocrisy at home

New York City Mayor Adams has lashed out at the governor of Texas.Greg Abbott Mission Bus Road to Gotham, But fellow Democrat Biden, who sent them on a plane for months, was not. Adams decided to set up tent facilities for 15,000 immigrants here, in addition to his 58,000 homeless people living in shelters. ask the white house at $500 million.

In short, Biden’s border policy has created huge problems across the country. The problem is still growing and there is no end in sight.

The immigrants will arrive at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan on September 23rd.
The immigrants will arrive at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan on September 23rd.
Robert Miller

Initially, the White House had no answer about the GOP shipment. Ultimately, the president’s political team found something to say.

Biden declared furious — to the Republican governor. After nearly two years of embracing the power of drug cartels and traffickers over desperate caravans, he suddenly became concerned with the safety of immigrants as they traveled north by bus.

The Republican governor Biden claimed was “play politics with people, using them as props. What they are doing is simply wrong, un-American and reckless. ”

The irony was thick enough to be cut with a knife. Biden has said little about the estimated 1,200 immigrants who died on or near the border during his tenure. suffocated in trailer in Texas. But now he’s furious that he’s been charged his 50 cents on a charter flight to the vineyard.

In addition, the federal government has yet to explain transportation of immigrants across the country, often in the middle of the night, usually without notifying local authorities.

Given the extent of the disaster his policies have created, it seemed illusory to try to make a Republican governor the villain of the piece.

In response to the Democratic criticism, the usual suspects piled anger and contempt on the Republican governor.

“The Ugly Historical Roots of Republican Sadistic Immigration Transportation” read the headline Featured in a column in the Los Angeles Times. NPR found a lawyer who accused DeSantis of “human trafficking” for the Vineyard flight.

CNN saw that something nefarious had begun. all transports He showed “the escalation of the red nation’s movement to take control of national policy from below”.

Never lose, The New York Times engage in mind reading and found an unpleasant motive. “DeSantis immigration flights are aiming for the Zorto midterm elections, laying the groundwork for 2024,” declared the woman in gray.

In particular, there were few attempts to explain or defend Biden’s policies. The press focused on attacking the Republican response as if all was well up to that point.

Ron DeSantis
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis flew 50 immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard.
Rebecca Blackwell/AP

Weeks of saturated coverage in that vein yielded a predictable response. Reuters, which describes Biden’s border policy as “more welcoming,” released a poll on Friday with the headline “Only a third of Americans support Republican immigration flights.”

data spin

Online-only polls were widely covered, but more in-depth surveys fell short of the findings. supported the practice Reuters said without mentioning the remaining 31%. This is a very large segment of samples to ignore.

And according to Reuters, out of 1,005 respondents, 449 were Democrats and 361 were Republicans, a difference of just 9 percentage points in favor of the Democrats, which reflects the actual national preference. much wider than Gallup reports that Democrats had an average advantage of only 3 percentage points last year when independents who lean toward either party are counted.

In fact, as of Q4 2021, Republicans had 47% support and Democrats only 42%.

From biased press coverage to biased polling, the entire episode captures why it’s almost impossible for Republicans to get a fair hearing, even when the basic facts are on their side.

As the week ended, calls for indictment of Republicans rose, and a leftist trend to weaponize law enforcement for partisan purposes surfaced. With both Abbott and DeSantis running for re-election, 44 House Democrats signed a letter to the Justice Department demanding a federal investigation.

So far, Attorney General Merrick Garland has been silent. But if Biden says he’s going, Garland will comply, and there could be another FBI investigation into Republicans in time for the election.

It is impossible!

This week’s Chutzpah Award goes to radical Muslim group CAIR.

after the rep.Rashida Talib The latest stigma against Israel When apartheid brought criticism from fellow Democrats, Care rushed to her defense. Her remarks are merely “common sense” and her critics have been guilty of “dishonest and Islamophobic attacks”.

Tissue prejudice from the beginning

Reader Robert Pilgrim sees foul play in state attorney general’s trial Lawsuit Against Donald Trump, his family and business. He wrote: “The moment Letitia James campaigned for Trump, promising to harass her, she was disqualified from doing so.

“This is despicable behavior on the part of AG and looks like harassment.”

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