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MEA urges Indian citizens and Canadian students to remain vigilant given rise in hate crimes – Times of India

New Delhi: Indian Citizens and Students Canada Given the “surge in cases of hate crimes, sectarian violence and anti-Indian activism,” they were asked to “exercise due diligence and remain vigilant.” Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEAs) On Friday.

The recommendation comes a day after India expressed concern to Canada that its territory was being used by politically motivated “extremist elements”. reaction to the recently held Haristan referendum Baguchi He called it a “farce”.
‘Perpetrators are not punished’
The advisory, issued Friday, said Canada was experiencing a surge in cases of hate crimes, sectarian violence and anti-Indian activism.

“The MEA and the Canadian High Commissioner/Consulate General have taken up these cases with the Canadian authorities to investigate these crimes and request that appropriate action be taken. So far not on trial in Canada,” he added.
“In view of the increasing incidence of crimes such as those mentioned above, Indian citizens and students from India in Canada and those proceeding to Canada for travel/education are advised to exercise due caution and remain vigilant. It is recommended”.
Harrison’s “Referendum”
Some Canadian groups Brampton Canadian city on September 19th.

Bagchi said India strongly opposes allowing “politically motivated exercises by extremists” in friendly countries like Canada.
“We call it a farce. A farce played out by extremists and radicals in favor of Canada’s so-called Haristan referendum,” he added.
“The issue was raised with the Canadian authorities through diplomatic channels. The Canadian government has reiterated that it respects India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and will not recognize the so-called referendum being held in Canada,” it said. A MEA spokesperson said:
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