McDonald’s faces $10 billion racism lawsuit from Byron Allen

McDonald’s and media mogul Byron Allen face off in court next year over Allen’s $10 billion racism lawsuita federal judge in Los Angeles ruled.

The comedian-turned-media mogul has accused McDonald’s of intentionally choosing not to run ads in black-owned media outlets, including his AMG Entertainment Studio and The Weather Group. It’s been boiling over for over a year.

Allen’s complaint alleges that McDonald’s allocates its $1.6 billion annual TV advertising budget to black-owned media, despite the fact that black consumers make up about 40% of McDonald’s U.S. sales. claims to be less than $5 million.

In December, Allen’s case dismissed Allen amended the case and reinstated it shortly thereafter, though it was by U.S. District Judge Fernando Holguin.

Allen is the founder and chairman of Allen Media Group, which owns the Weather Group.
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The court’s latest ruling said, “While nothing on the merits, Mr. Allen will continue his efforts to prove speculative and conclusive claims as he has for over a year. Attorney Loretta Lynch said in a statement.

So did McDonald’s south of 2020 by dozens of black-owned franchisees who claimed the company drove them into poor neighborhoods.McDonald’s denies the allegations and the complaint is fired last year. McDonald’s Shareholders recently voted Hiring a third party company to investigate McDonald’s for civil rights violations.

“This is about the economic integration of African-American-owned businesses into the U.S. economy,” Allen said in a statement. “McDonald’s takes billions of dollars from African-American consumers and gives almost nothing back.”

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