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‘Maybe I Am’ Review: Susan Sarandon and Diane Keaton Carry This Unconventional Romcom

maybe i doa romantic comedy from the heart boy meets world creator Michael Jacobsa young couple, focusing on Michelle (Emma Roberts) and Allen (Luke Bracey), a nasty incident at her best friend’s wedding prompts Michelle to give Allen an ultimatum — 24 hours to decide if their relationship heads down the aisle. Thanks to that, Michelle decided that she needed to have dinner with both of her parents’ sets that day to really see if the family should be bound forever in sacred marriage. .she hitch comes from crazy, stupid, love– Style twist: Their parents are already having an affair with each other.

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In addition to Roberts and Bracey as young lovers in the film, maybe i do It features an all-star ensemble cast of romantic comedy greats, including Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon, William H. MacyWhen Diane KeatonThe movie starts off strong, first introducing these characters in an extramarital affair that started for various reasons.Gere, Sarandon, Macy and Keaton are seasoned veterans of the romantic comedy genre. maybe i do Like ducks drinking water, their chemistry as a quartet really makes this movie worth watching.

maybe i do It examines the concept of marriage, albeit from an exclusively heterosexual perspective, why we get married, and, in the long run, the value of being with one person for the rest of our lives. Allen doesn’t want to get married because he saw his parents’ marriage fall apart. She also doesn’t want her to ruin her relationship with Michelle and end up in a loveless commitment. Meanwhile, Michelle is unaware of her own parents’ marital problems and considers her marriage the ultimate goal of any relationship.

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The movie’s biggest highlight lies in the comedic work of its parents, especially Sarandon and Keaton. Keaton is well known for her physical comedy. of First Wives Club An absolutely insane emotional roller coaster montage from OR Something’s Gotta Give— and she brings it in again maybe i doKeaton’s inherently funny nature will bring a smile to your face wherever she is in any scene. Chew it completely. maybe i doHer comedic timing really shines through in some standout moments, such as exulting, “I’m company!” Column from the trailer.

maybe i do It also reunites Sarandon and Gere, who have shared screens twice before, most notably in the 2004s. Would you like to dance? The chemistry between the two never faltered in the 19 years since they first acted as a couple. Gere’s Howard is married to Keaton’s Grace, but he’s having an affair with Sarandon’s Monica, while Macy’s Sam is married to Grace despite her long-suffering marriage to Monica. build an emotional connection with Both couples are compelling in their respective mismatched duos, but the chemistry between the unmarried pair is much better than the married pair. There is, but it sticks out like a thumb when you think about where everyone ends up. Meanwhile, Sarandon and Gere’s electronic exchanges are both endlessly watchable.

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While overflowing with laughter comedies, maybe i do suffers from a tight 94-minute running time, and with this many pairings, viewers don’t have much time to invest in their love story. The main romance between Michelle and Allen especially falls by the wayside because we’re never really given a reason why we should root for them to get married or break up. It’s all about the awkwardness of both sets of must-have parents and the fact that currently no one is getting what they want out of marriage. The film’s big climax returns to Michelle and Allen, but after spending a relatively short amount of time on their relationship throughout the film, its final conclusion feels rushed and somewhat unearned. maybe i do It certainly could have benefited from a slightly longer runtime to enrich the character’s relationships.

maybe i do I try to take an honest look at my marriage and assess the pros and cons of a lifelong commitment. Sometimes we come to a natural conclusion. The film’s message is obscured by its short run time and slightly rushed ending, but ultimately maybe i do It’s a decent romantic romp worth watching at least once, especially if you’re a fan of the movie’s star-studded cast. Enhance your script and let these characters shine.

evaluation: B.

maybe i do Theatrical release on January 27th.

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