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Mauritania’s ex-president’s trial begins

Published in APA News on January 25, 2023 at 19:21

Former Mauritanian President Mohammed Old Abdelaziz appeared in a court in Nouakchott, where his trial began on Wednesday. Ten defendants in the case appeared in court, while two of his others, including one of him on the run, were absent.

According to Sahara Media, businessman Mohamed Ould Boubat, who is also indicted in the case, did not appear in court because he was abroad for health reasons. However, the session judge considered Ould Boubat a “fugitive”.

The session judge also asked about a representative of the Arrahma Forum who remained vacant throughout the hearing without specifying the reason for his absence.

He was accused of corruption, money laundering, and illicit enrichment during the decade he was in power.

In addition to Mohamed Ould Amasboua, the remaining defendants attended the session, including Yahya Ould Hadmine, Mohamed Salem Ould Al-Bashir, Mohamed Abdallah Ould Oudaa and Taleb Ould Abdi Val.

Complicated security procedures at the court gate delayed the start of the hearing by several hours, and the judge was interrupted several times while waiting for lawyers to enter.

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