Matt Rule in play-chip dispute after Giants loss: ‘coaching error’

Did the Panthers turn an offensive play around and allow the Giants’ defense to hold them to 16 points? Sunday’s 19-16 win for Brian Dabor’s crew?

No, Carolina head coach Matt Rule emphasized the 146 yards the Panthers picked up on the ground instead of pointing to 16 points.

ESPN analyst and former NFL quarterback Dan Orlowski leveled his playing chip claim on Thursday with a clip It went viral. On “NFL Live,” Orlovsky said the Panthers returned Christian McCaffrey’s position in relation to QB Baker Mayfield, who was in the shotgun formation, in several instances that may have telegraphed the play to the Giants’ defense. showed.

When McCaffrey lined up one yard behind Mayfield, Orlovsky argued that the Panthers would either run the ball or run the Rumpus option. He insisted that he would throw the ball.

Matt Rule leaves the field after the Panthers lose to the Giants.
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“Frankly, it’s a teaching error,” Orlovsky said. “For the Carolina Panthers coaching staff, that’s unacceptable in the NFL.”

The clip caught the attention of the Panthers’ coaching staff, but they disagreed.

“If they said they knew we were running or passing, why did we run 146 yards and 6.3 yards per carry?” told reporters on Friday.

The rule listed the Panthers’ biggest pass play of the game. In the third quarter, McCaffrey lined up one yard behind him on Mayfield. Mayfield was in Shotgun (a formation where Orlovski assumed a run or followed by RPO). DJ Moore caught a pass from Mayfield where he was 29 yards.

Giants Fire Baker Mayfield
Giants Fire Baker Mayfield
Robert Sabo

Perhaps the Panthers had given up playing. Or maybe the 0-2 start wasn’t enough attacking.

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